My fiancee broke up with me 6 months to our wedding

I am in need of advice and counceling. Everything around me pisses me off and gets me really tired; from family issues(polygamous family palava am sure you can relate) to my education(I fell seriously ill some months back. I had to do a surgery that kept me away from school for about a session. This greatly affected my semester results as well as my grade point average (GPA) since I wasn’t around and relied only on residue knowledge during the exams). I haven’t been able to concentrate on my studies; when I try to study, I find it difficult to concentrate.
Then relationship issues although I tell myself each time the thought comes that I don’t care. My fiancee broke up with me 6 months to our wedding after dating for 6 long years. The broken relationship caused me pain for a long time but I have gained balance a bit now.
Also, environmental factors; I have spontaneously gained weight. I have tried all my best to loose weight but haven’t been successful.
I come to you because I have no intimate friend to discuss these things with. My ex was my confidant but he has left me. This makes me psychologically unstable.
I am alone with and in my thoughts. I need someone to talk to else I will fall into deeper depression.

I councel people but my theories and ideologies doesn’t work for me. People body shaming me is giving me alot of psychology stress.

I am a leader, I can’t afford to show weakness when dealing with people but I am battling with my inner demons and I need help.
Please help me

My fiancee broke up with me 6 months to our wedding

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  1. Peaceful

    Keep doing Exactly what you are doing now. Don’t keep things to yourself, Find a trustworthy friend that you can always confide in and can advice you. You see, Life is too short to dwell in the past and be sad and hurting, everyone has been through different phases in life, we just have to try (though difficult) to Let things go. With time, we would get better. Focus on being happy, Tell yourself everyday, “Am a smart ass Woman, Am beautiful inside out, Am really strong, Mehnnn, see how far I have come!!! I ROCK!!!!!…..As regards your body shape, Eat at the right time and stop worrying, you would begin to adjust, don’t allow anybody make you feel fat and inferior dearie, you are unique and there is no one like you😘😘

  2. DERA232

    Babe, you just have to let go of the past and move on, moreover its NIR a good idea to date a particular guy for more than 1-2years…its isnt ideal at all….anyways you still have to be strong only a positive virbe can take you out of this…be strong, courageous and look up to the future where greater things lies…
    Suprisingly the moment you let go and move on still positive and constantly encourage yourself and responsible man,lover of God and your kind of man would come seriously for marriage….so clam down a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.better days and Men are our there one who will desire to love and respect you……

  3. Ishaqdyara

    Sorry Dear but sometimes you hav to be strong and show life dat u miss it with the wrong people around and Support your self in such away even God will stand for you in presence of them. And don’t forget to keep pray for ur Tomorrow.

  4. De zainer

    My advice is that you should forget about the past and move on with your life. All the challenges you’ve been facing, think about the lessons you’ve learnt and be sure not to repeat them.

    Pray! and Truth be told, People would always talk, if you are too thin, too fat or medium-sized they will always complain.
    So pls just love yourself the way you are and adopt some means by which you can loose weight. Stay strong💪💪❤️

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