I want to be a medical personnel and not a medical mechanic

I have an issue I want to share.
I need an advice or more like hear what you have to say.
I have always wanted to study medical rehabilitation (physiotherapy) or better still medicine I have always dreamed of having close meeting with patients, diagnose and treat diseases as well and research but didn’t get my dream course .
I got admitted to study dental tech from jamb and from school as well
I never like dentistry or anything related to it
Then I switched immediately to biomedical technology
Seeing the course allocation from 1st to finally year is quite interesting that it has combination of both basic medicine in the first two years with electrical engineering and bio sciences as well.
Then coming down to other years;
Has medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, artificial organs and robotic surgery Etc
It was quite interesting that I feel like I have arrived in a place where I gain different knowledge from medicine and Engineering (that’s what they school even tell us as well).
Now coming to this year academic session
The school brought out the course outline which consist of only biotechnology/sciences
Part of basic medicine and engineering
As what we study
I felt like I can’t do this
This is not what we saw at the first time
I want to help in solving clinical issues or finding cures on diseases not fixing machines
Or producing one
I want to change to another department
But it makes me feel like I don’t know what I want judging from what my family will say.
Here is me being happy over the course I switched into
Now I don’t like it again because is now becoming full engineering
I feel like if I want to do medical engineering I better go learn it as a skill than sitting in class for years to come out with a certificate I won’t be comfortable with.
I want to be a medical personnel 👩🏻‍⚕️
Not a medical mechanic 👨‍🔧
Please am quite confused now
I feel like am wasting time in school

I want to be a medical personnel and not a medical mechanic

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  1. Fabulous

    Gosh! You have always dreamed of having close meeting with patients, diagnose and treat diseases and you don’t like Dentistry to the extent that you changed from Dental tech to Biomedical Engineering even if you were given Dentistry, you would change as well, guess you don’t really know what Dentistry is all about.
    The Problem is most people (I can boldly say 90percent of people) don’t know what Dentistry is all about, they believe that Dentistry is just the study of teeth, what Dentists know is only teeth.
    Well, Dentistry is way bigger than the study of teeth. Firstly, Dentists’ areas of care include not only their patients’ teeth and gums but also the muscles of the head, neck and jaws, the tongue, salivary glands, the nervous system of the head and neck and other areas.
    Secondly, you know why it takes 6 years to get BDS degree? You can’t study Dentistry without you knowing much about Medicine, with BDS degree, you can get MBBS by using approximately 2years (1 year and 8 months). The sweetest part of it is that Dentists are also Medical Doctors with same salary scale with those with MBBS degree.

    Now you said you want to help in solving clinical issues and finding cures. I know you would like to perform surgeries as well, Dentists are also surgeons, they perform a lot of surgeries like cosmetic surgery, facial surgery, corrective jaw surgery, dental implant installation and many more.

    1. Bigsam

      I totally agree with this. You can diagnose and treat so many diseases relating to the head even if you are a dentist.
      In your comments above you said you’ll like to diagnose and treat diseases. If I’m not wrong you said it as if you’ll like to diagnose and treat virtually every disease or ailment in the world. It does not actually work that way. After obtaining MBBS/BDS, doctors and dentists still have to pick a particular area(although sometimes it may be more than one but most its usually one) in which have to specialize. For example after MBBS a doctor might proceed to be a cardiologist(doctor of the heart) or a neurologist (doctor of the brain and spinal cord/nerves). A cardiologist cannot treat diseases or perform surgeries relating to the brain or spinal cord. Even if he has an idea of what might be wrong with his/her patient, he’ll still to work with a neurologist on the long run. It’s the same too with a neurologist he can’t diagnose or treat diseases/perform surgeries relating to the heart because that is not his area of specialization. Even the best doctors in the world are known as the best because they are specialists in a particular area. I hope this helps.

    2. Gbemisola

      I agree with you. I can relate cos my sister is a dental surgeon and when she shares her experience with us I just get confused like…..aren’t you guys just supposed to work on a person’s teeth and jaws

  2. bamise

    Good morning.
    I am currently studying Biomedical engineering 100 level. So I feel I can relate to what this person is going through.

    When I found out about my course, I was excited that I will learn a course that merges both of my passion together.
    But I feel more inclined to the medical sciences than the engineering part.
    I even registered biology for jamb but ehnn….
    Unilorin just changed the whole story. They claimed it was an engineering course so medical requirements does not apply not even minding the bio in the name. I had to change to maths and wrote maths in jamb.
    Now in 100 level till 300 I think, we will be doing the same courses as engineering students😔.

    It was discouraging at first. But when I saw the benefits related to the course. I felt it still worth the wahala and stress.

    Biomedical technology or engineering is an engineering course that is about applying engineering principles to the medical world.
    If you feel, you are very god in maths and engineering calculations. I will advice that you should continue. There is till light at the end of the tunnel.

    But if you don’t like maths or engineering generally, just leave the course and follow your passion.
    You cannot become a Biomedical technologist without crossing those engineering and physical sciences courses.

    It all depends on you.

    If you have done much research about the course and you feel you like what they do…
    Then engineering and physical science courses should not scare you away. You should be able to scale through.

    And again, we are not medical mechanics oooo😂😂😂

    We have many fields under it and I am happy you have mention some sef…😂😂

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