I have taken analgesics to the extent that paracetamol does not even work for me again

I’m a 20 years old female and I always experience headache and migraines which lasts for very long period of time. Atimes I sleep normally only for me to wake up with them. I noticed that even the slightest bit of stress can trigger it.
Most times it’s so severe that it lasts for more than 3 days no matter the analgesic i take. Sometimes it also affect my vision like when I change my position or move my head even the slightest bit. The pain becomes so severe, my vision starts to blur and double until I’m able to stabilize my head again.
Please help me cause I’ve taken analgesics to the extent that paracetamol does not even work for me again. Now i take panadol extra and that seem to be loosing its effectiveness already.
I consume a lot of panadol extra just to stop the pain cos even when i try drinking lots of water and resting, it doesn’t work.
Please help me out

I've taken analgesics to the extent that paracetamol does not even work for me again

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  1. Abu Talha

    Migraine headache has alot of etiologies. And the type of etiology determines pattern of treatment. Headache could of the cranial or extra cranial type. Cranial headache, as the name implies, can be due to muscle spasm or cerebal vasodilation,CNS infections and to some extent, electrolyte imbalance. Extra cranial type could results, in part due to referred pain, following sinusitis, rhinitis, and conjunctivitis.

    This headache, in this concern, involves the eye and that could be cluster headache in which analgesics might not be effective. To my little knowledge, calcium channel blocker is effective in this type of headache.

    Use of lithium is also beneficial. But normally this type of headache due occur in repititive episodes with long interval of rest for months and year, after which there could be relapse. During this relief period, the prescribed medications including amitriptyline can still be used prophylactically.

    Other medications like ergotamine alkaloids provide powerful cerebal vasoconstriction, and patient can come down with serious adverse effect.


    Well,lemme see what I can put down here😊😊
    Migraines are a marker to several underlying medical conditions.
    They can be triggered by Lack of sleep,stressful activities too….
    Majorly, Women suffer from migraine more than men..owing to the fact that they r prone to having hormonal imbalances(changes in estrogen levels)
    Well,I’d advice or better still,suggest that this individual :
    👉Increase fluid intake,plan activities and perform them as tolerated.
    👉Visit a health facility to an MRI or CT,to rule out other underlying conditions such as brain tumour,increased Intracranial pressure,Hydrocephalus, Brain infection,abscess.e.t.c. and if possible,have a hormonal assay done.
    👉Halt taking the pain relief medication she already mentioned,cuz it seems to be like she is already resistant to them and therefore their potency has been lost🤷🏻‍♀️
    👉See a physician(This tallies with the second point,tho) who might have to place her on other medications like Amitriptyline(A Tricyclic Antidepressant) often used to manage or treat severe persistent headache like migraine,tension headache and Sinus headache.
    👉Rest in between activities.
    👉She should note if he has AURA. i. e. Sensation before the migraine,such as reduced mental alertness, tingling and numbness of hands or face,sudden flashes of light. With these,she would know when to halt any activity she’s performing and rest.

    I don’t know if I’ve made any point,tho..
    That’s my take
    Thank u🙇🏽‍♀️

  3. Kinase

    Well, PCM and panadol are mostly effective for Tension headache. In case of migraine special care is needed. Since the patient already knows the triggers, he/she should avoid stress if possible. Should there be need for medication these should help

    If the patient is an ulcer patient or the headache still persist after taking those medications
    Let him take these instead

    ✅Vit C

    Get enough rest to avoid triggers 👌

  4. Doc Dee

    This sounds very familiar…
    But my advice is simple.. Go to the hospital and seek medical attention.
    I think we should start from there.
    Make sure to get MRI and CT done..
    And slow down on the analgesics..
    I hope you feel better soon..

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