Forever etched in my brain

As a Medical student, what have you learnt in medical school that is forever etched in your brain?

Etched in my brain

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  1. SetAwonChopLifeGang

    Embryology, The whole developmental process has just etched my brain several times. For Gross, you can understand why this is this and what’s happens and for Histology too.
    But then when you shift too embryology
    I ask how do this guys know this homones does this, or something,What happens on this certain days or what doesn’t what on that day and then you enter teratology ( What affected this chromosome that caused that disorder). Before becoming a medical student I just believed this are just people theories but I realized Science is Mad and shouldn’t be underestimated and stuff like

    But then Embryology seems kinda abstract to learn for me which makes very very interesting to learn and ask questions such what’s going to happen next. So many Intricate processes to create one living thing. God is truly Awesome I must say

  2. Asterix

    Cholecytokinin and its effect on obese people with gall stones when released.
    Also the region of the abdomen it affects🤷🏽‍♂️

    I dunno but this is one word I’ve not forgotten since the question you asked on an obese patient like last month with all the answers and reviews given by other med-zoners.

    I think I might have seen it somewhere in one of my texts while reading but this time, it just etched there. Thanks med-zone

  3. Tylenol

    The number of sperm cells produced per day ; 300million…

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