I intend to do direct entry as physiology graduate to Medicine.
Now, my question is.
Let’s say am supposed to finish by 2021, then jamb direct entry form was released in February (and the deadline is also Feb or March)
But I know I will be graduating that same year but my graduation and graduation result will be around maybe September, Can I still apply as awaiting result for direct entry or wait till the result is ready.
Do schools even give graduands their result few days or months after graduation?
Or graduate have to wait for a minimum of six months?

Can I apply for Medicine with an awaiting result for Direct Entry?

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  1. Abbey

    From my own view and understanding.

    She can take the jamb DE form by Feb/march and use awaiting if there’s a space for that.

    You don’t have to upload your result immediately on jamb site.

    It’ll only take effect when schools start processing admission, and by then her result would be ready to be uploaded on jamb site.

    To her second question.
    She doesn’t have to wait for a week or month, most schools final result are available immediately after convocation.
    So she can request for her transcript to be sent to her preferred school.

    That’s a great idea I must say. I pray it works out, and hope she’s graduating with a good standing?

  2. sheriff

    Yes, you can.
    I also applied for direct entry Jan last year used awaiting result till my result was out in December.

    But it depends on the time the post utme form for the school you intend to study will be out. Your results must be available during post utme registration

  3. Abbey

    Again I want to ask in respect to her question to be complete.

    Seeing how competitive entering medical school is, which federal/state school can someone who graduated with a 2:1(second class upper division) from biochemistry, anatomy or physiology apply to and is sure of admission?.
    DE medical students in the house can help with the question with examples.
    To help those who might be willing to further after graduating from any of the aforementioned courses.

  4. aabadmus

    Yes, the first person did justice to the question already.
    Taking the form with Awaiting results is a good choice.

    Then the results will be uploaded as soon as it’s ready to JAMB website before the closure of the admissions. And also to the school’s website if you’ve already applied for the School DE form.

    What is important is that your school released the results before the closure of the institution’s portal and also forwarded your transcript to the institution concerned.

    As an Educational Consultant, I treated many cases like that this year.

  5. Chrisluther

    I would write extensively on this trend, I only hope you have enough patience as well as time to study every bit of it in-depth. In return, I ask that you help publicize this trend as well as the Med-zoneTV Platform. This community is indeed home to medical and paramedical students and truly doesn’t discriminate.
    Meanwhile, Happy New Year and welcome to 2021 to everyone reading this trend.
    Now to the business of the Day;
    I am a graduate of Human Physiology and currently a medical student at a prestigious and renowned state University in the southern part of NIGERIA. During my undergraduate program in Physiology, I was goal driven and graduated with a Second Class (Upper Division) at my University.
    👉To qualify for Direct Entry in Medicine or any other professional course in most tertiary institutions in NIGERIA, you must graduate with a minimum of 2.1. Any applicant with a degree qualification less than Second Class (Upper Division) is not qualified to apply for any of the professional courses i.e Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc.
    Did I apply for my Direct Entry immediately after my Graduation or before?
    👉I applied before graduation. I applied during my Final i.e at 400L. To apply for Direct Entry, you must first register with Jamb at the beginning of an academic year to enable you write the Post DE examination organized by your institution of choice at the end of an academic Year.
    👉So I applied for the Direct Entry examination at the beginning of First Semester by my school calendar. By the time the session was over, I mean by the end of second semester when I had graduated, my school of choice already started sales of Post Direct Entry Form. An examination organized by the school to admit preferred candidates into the system.
    Does Every institution organize this said examination?
    👉NO. Most schools admit direct entry students without any entry examination. They simply request for your transcript which will be forwarded to them by the school where you graduated from. A good example of a school that practices this system is the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, NIGERIA.
    Does this mean I can apply for Direct Entry without an NYSC certificate??
    👉YES and NO. Some schools admit students without an NYSC certificate, others don’t. A good example of a school that admits students without an NYSC certificate is Delta State University, Abraka, NIGERIA. A good example of school that doesn’t admit direct entry students without NYSC certificate are mostly Federal Schools, a good example being the University of Benin, Benin City, NIGERIA.
    Does this mean I will loose my Admission if I haven’t completed the compulsory NYSC service before application??
    👉YES. I know of a friend who lost his admission to this very mentioned reason. He was initially admitted to Study Medicine and Surgery at the University of Benin but was screened out for not completing the NYSC Program.
    Can I apply for Direct Entry with an Awaiting result
    👉YES. You can and I will advise you to do so! Start trying your luck early and who knows, if you are lucky you may get admitted.
    What Level do I start from after being admitted?
    👉 200Level. If you are admitted to study medicine via direct Entry, you are to start from 200L in all State and Federal Institutions. I don’t know about private though, their system may be different.
    Am I to write any exam with JAMB after purchasing the form?
    👉NO. You won’t be writing any exam with JAMB. Your Degree result stands in as the only needed qualification to enable you take the Post Direct Entry examination organized by your school of choice
    If there are any further questions you would love me to answer, kindly leave it underneath my comment and I will gladly respond to them.
    If you read this to the end and found it helpful, then please publicize the trend and share with other prospective medical students like yourself.
    Congratulations in advance 🤝🤝
    Remember anybody can Study to become a professional, all you need is Patience, consistency and determination.

    1. akpososcar4

      What’s the meaning of the transcript you talking about?

    2. bolieve77

      Am I to present my transcript to the school of my choice? Or the school will request for it on my behalf?. I’ve applied for DE already for med and surg at the university of Abuja

    3. Vincent Precious

      Thank you very much sir for the detailed explanations. I’m currently in my penultimate year, studying medical biochemistry and I intend taking DE form for medicine.

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