Is it possible for someone to take another person’s intelligence?

Hello dear. Good evening. I have a weirdest believe that’s really troubling me. I just decided to share it with med zone, maybe you could help me out.
I’m schizophrenic. I was diagnosed last year around June. My delusions have been really frightening to me and I’m scared every moment of my life. The one particular delusion that has been on my neck goes like this: During my secondary schools days, in my SS1, I had a friend who once told us a story. In his story he said that there was one girl who was really brilliant, then one daycare, she was about to read and a guy walked up to her and they started talking. Then she excused the guy to continue her study. The thing displeased the guy and the guy was angry and he swiped his two hands across the girl’s head and took her intelligence. My friend who was narrating the story told us that this was how the guy took away the girl’s intelligence. He then told us that later, probably that same year the girl’s intelligence was collected, during a church service, there was a revelation that the girl’s intelligence has been taken. And luckily for them, the guy that collected the intelligence was in the service. And they collect the girl’s intelligence from the guy and gave it back to the girl. That is the story. Since my SS1 that I heard that story.
My delusion is based on that story. I believe that someone’s intelligence can be taken away from him. I believe that someone can just walk up to me and take my intelligence. This makes me scared and afraid of others even my brothers. Because of this I no longer associate with my peers. I tend to avoid social gatherings. It leaves me paranoid when I’m where lots of people are. I don’t know what to do about it. I miss lectures because I’m afraid that if I go to class, someone might take away my intelligence.
My question to you is: Is it possible for someone to take another person’s intelligence?
Please help me out🙏🙏. I’m tired of being scared of people believing they would take away my intelligence.

Thank you for your help.

Is it possible for someone to take another person's intelligence?

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  1. Okwute

    This is where lack of belief in Spiritual stuff would seem like the best thing to do. But don’t take my word, I’m not a doctor, (yet) let alone a psychiatrist.

    I would have said, surround yourself with logical fact based and possibly (atheist) friends. People who fact check and are not quick to believe in the supernatural if there’s no proof. A lot of people are scared of doing things, not even being schizophrenic, just because they believe there’s some spiritual repercussion to it. It can be good… But then it can also be bad.
    If you can surround yourself with logical fact based people, you’re more likely to curb your fear of things.

    That’s my story at least. You can imagine younger me would be scared of the dark, or a graveyard or masquerades, but by the time I realized spiritual stuff don’t exist (at least that’s what I’ve come to find out and believe, because of lack of evidence), I found many… Many illogical things weren’t scary anymore. A graveyard even seems like a peaceful place… Because there isn’t any noise.

    But like I said, I’m not a doctor or psychiatrist that specialises in schizophrenia so take my word with a pinch of salt. But I can certify that a lot of spiritual things (Madame Koi Koi) and what not in this Naija are bull shite.

  2. perrynjoku

    Yeeeeeshhhh.. acute paranoia 😬

    This is one of the downsides to extremism in religion. It’s very normal to feel this way after supposed supernatural encounters.. but the problem is in my opinion its not only schizophrenia but also PTSD that started since the day you witnessed such. I’m really sorry you are passing through such

    The best remedy is phychological therapy… Cause this is all in your head and until you realize that, it’s not gonna go away.
    Unfortunately there are not many good therapists in the country but it doesn’t deter the fact that I know you’ll get over this.

    My advice to you is
    1) try as much as you can to always avoid religious gatherings that tend to traumatize you… Pls it’s necessary for your mental health. Never compromise your sanity for the sake of religious activities. Not everyone is able to witness such things and leave unscathed

    2)Talk to people close to you about it and try to make them understand what your going through…. If not you’ll be living in a mental cage.if you already have… Then you need to push yourself to go out into public gatherings and prove to yourself that it’s all in your head and an imagination.

    3) finally as a christian I’d like to let you know that your faith in God is what determines what happens in your life. If you believe that can happen to you then it will, if you don’t… It wont. Always know that your safe, it doesn’t matter what happens around you okay. God will always be with you to protect you.

    I hope this helps🥺🙏…… I don’t know you but I can relate to what your going through…🥺.

  3. Chidinma Ikechukwu

    It’s the schizophrenia that caused him to believe this.
    Dissociating yourself from family and friends is already a symptom of schizophrenia.
    He should come to know that it’s not possible to have your intelligence taken and that it is a symptom of schizophrenia.
    So sad😥
    He should heed to the doctor’s precaution . Family members and friends should also put him in prayers.

  4. Toluwalope

    I can’t say the story the person narrated was a lie, fake or true story and as well as no one can tell if it’s possible or not
    But I’ll want you to help yourself erase the thought of the same thing happening to you.
    Help yourself by telling few of your religious (Christian or Muslims)friends so they can help you in prayers and also join them
    I believe prayer can help solve this kind of situation and always try as much as possible to associate yourself with people including your siblings it will also help erase the thought little by little and please stop skipping lectures because of what you believe exist or not
    If such as happened to other people/anyone it will never happen you (amen)

  5. Angelala

    It’s like God made you talk about this issue today, because something puzzling happened today.
    I and a girl are the only 2 in a class that wants to write SAT soon.
    Our pre test, she scored 1040, I scored 1260.
    So we did a test today, she scored 1370 and I scored 1330.
    Now I am asked to do a review of the math questions, to solve all the questions, every question I got correctly I was able to give reason and proof and solution to how I solved it, now this girl was not able to do anything, she couldn’t even solve a single question correctly, the teacher then asked how did you get it all then, she said and I quote “it was the holy spirit” and that “I’m just good at guessing” now if you’re good at guessing best thing you’d get is just maybe 5 out of 20 or at least 10 .. not getting the entire 20 out of 20. How can you get the answers to 20 questions correctly and not be able to solve a single one, does the holy spirit really do things like this or she has actually seen and done that exact SAT practice test at home and crammed the answers before, because instead of studying her notes she told me all she did was do practice tests (and now that I say that out loud I realize it does sound like she has a book where she had some the practice test before or something).

    Now I’m left feeling as if it’s because I’m not a good Christian or I don’t attend church everyday like she does, that’s why holy spirit won’t help me with my answers, I really am scared and want the holy spirit too because that kind of miracle is wow

  6. Dikachi

    I actually heard something like this when I was young but we took it as a normal joke we tell each and elderly people tell to scare us a little…but what I believe is this, no harm will come to me if I don’t believe in it…and yes humans are wicked that’s why you need to have God by your side, they are so unpredictable..smh why do you think he left us here after creating us and went up there cos we do weird things but it’s all good…all I’m saying is have him by your side and there is nothing to be scared of😊

  7. momma

    Well I really can’t say much about it because I’m not a professional yet but I know physical features can be taken away from people as a result of envy, jealousy and evil eyes. And many of the spiritual stuffs we here are actually true.
    So, asking this person to stay away from religious stuffs may not be the solution to the problem rather the person can see a therapist and as well increase her religiousness through prayers.
    May God come to our aid.

  8. Godwintsamuel

    Hmmm, this is not physiological or psychological case, it is a spiritual case.. And my answer to this is “YES”. First, let me make reference to what is happening in Nigeria, in marital life and in some of our day to day life. 
    In marital life, most of us most have had of some issues which happen in a family, that the wife of the family or the parent of the wife uses charm to control the husband so that the wife can have her say over him. 

    And also, we have heard of issue of one ‘chance’, which mostly occur in public bus or carb, I was once a victim though I was lucky by not responding to the question they asked me.. To me, this is also an act of manipulation by making the person not to be on his or her senses, so that the person will look dump and can only do what ever they desire. In like wise manner intelligence which knowing the right thing and been smart on action, can also be manipulated. 

    We have also heard that some witches and wizard in the village uses the like of others to sustain theirs.  
    I think it is possible, and one need to move more closer to God, obey every of his commandments and be careful in out day to day activity with other people most important out mouth should be well controlled.. Thanks

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