Puerperal Fever: The Tragedy of Childbed Fever

Puerperal Fever: The Tragedy of Childbed Fever

Puerperal fever is a bacterial infection of the female reproductive tract following childbirth or miscarriage. It was first recorded as an epidemic in the seventeenth century in France

Love at First Sight

I’ve ve had encounters with ladies, beautiful ones I mean but Hazel’s beauty wouldn’t slip off my head. Her sight was enthralling as I couldn’t get my eyes off her, her beautiful smile which revealed a set of sparkling white teeth melted my heart. I was held spellbound stealing glances at her smooth face – lightly touched by a skilful makeup artist, which shone like the sun’s face amidst the clouds. She was all shades of stunning. Her spotless skin mimicked the colour of her caramel-coloured skimpy gown sitting elegantly on two-third of her body length.

As her hair combed the forest of her head, they wriggled behind her in strands as she made out of the mall. Getting to talk her into being a friend was going to be arduous as I’ve not successfully helped myself around a lady before now, call me a weakling. I was going to give this a try though my heart raced a thousand times before my feet did one. Finally, I manned up and levitated my soles towards her, as gentlemanly as I could. Then I summoned courage and uttered the exact words that got her into my quiver. We became friends.

Can Love at First Sight actually Lead to Marriage?

We got on well and enjoyed each other’s company. She’d always joke about the way I crept into her corner. My response was always, I couldn’t have allowed her slip away so she would get stolen by some stranger. We synced so well and we were going to get the relationship to its climax. Even as an hunter will follow a game he shot so it won’t get rotten in the wild when it eventually dies.

Hazel was a lover of children. She would get gifts for little folks around her anytime we steal away for a nice time together anywhere in the city. She would have been the mythical goddess of children. Needless to say, she was bejeweled by what people call “baby face”. One thing that fascinates little children about her and sort of magnetizes them towards her. Don’t forget, I was once one of them carted away by her mesmerizing appearance.

How Trials can Strengthen your Marriage

We tied the knot after several months of mutual learning and preparation towards a connubial union.

Months rolled into months like the ball of milled rice “tuwo” into fresh leaves. And years into years, yet the one thing that makes for what mothers-in-law cherish was lacking in our home. Hazel’s concern grew and her palms were always consumed underneath her chin as she would sink into the abyss of thoughts. She’d mutter words like, ” I cared so much for children, why is mine taking so long to grace my bosom ? “.

We met different reproductive health specialists who ascertained that we were fine and healthy to procreate.

The Breakthrough After Seven Years of Waiting

The breakthrough came after seven years of waiting and trying out all possible means to get pregnant. Hazel strode in one afternoon beaming with joy while handling me a piece of paper confirming she’s six weeks pregnant – the happiest moment of our lives. We had waited so long and now we were going to hold our babies in our hands. Hazel was religious with her antenatal and on one of her visits to the hospital, two embryos were caught on the scan, she was carrying twins.

We were being compensated for those years that ran us by with these beautiful lives locked up on her inside.

Puerperal fever – Childbed Fever

In the wee hours of Saturday, Hazel put to bed after hours of labour, she was indeed a strong woman. Through all, I could see the beauty hewn in her skin the very day she was made. I planted a kiss on her forehead as I made to see the doctor who had obliged to see me.

I sauntered into his office with joy written all over my face, I’d gladly answer to the call, ” the nursing father ” as I was ready to go on this sojourn with my dear Hazel. She’s been through a lot and I wouldn’t allow her be there alone, we’d nurse these beauties together. The doctor congratulated me once again and reiterated the stability of Hazel and the state of the newborns.

What causes puerperal fever?

The third day, I was at the doctor’s table to get a discharge date. He greeted with a long face and a drop in his voice as he announced to me that my wife had been infected with Streptococcus pyogenes. What’s Strepto, doctor? I inquired. He went further to tell me that she was infected with Streptococcus pyogenes which causes childbed fever (puerperal infection). A bacterial infection of the female reproductive tract following childbirth or miscarriage.

The doctor opted to have her in bed for more days so she could get adequate treatment. He explained that she had sepsis which has exacerbated due to the virulence of the bacteria and would need extra care. I had never heard of this kind of fever before and here I am having my wife diagnosed of this infection at its worst.

Hazel’s body couldn’t bear the hold of this virulent organism as my dear wife transited without saying goodbye. Without holding her babies in her arms. PUERPERAL FEVER made my babies motherless even at birth, she was a lover of children but she never held hers.

Historical Extracts of Puerperal Fever

Puerperal fever (childbed fever, puerperal infections) was first recorded as an epidemic in the seventeenth century in France. With records of its prevalence in hospitals in Europe and America and subsequent fatalities due to different factors which include the virulence of the organism and the vitality of the tissues infected among others.

Ignaz Semmelweis would later attribute the cause of this infection to the uncleanness of physicians. Who to him, were portals of the organism causing the infection. His findings revealed that washing of hands with antiseptics reduced the fatalities geometrically.

Puerperal Fever: The Tragedy of Childbed Fever

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