What level does one start from if they apply via direct entry to Medicine and Surgery after graduation

I was told by someone that, people that studied bsc in anatomy, physiology, nursing, mls and other medical courses, if they want to apply via direct entry to Medicine and Surgery after graduation, they’re likely to start at 400level, that’s at Medicine clinicals (since that was what they didn’t do during their first degree)

While people that applied from other courses like bsc in botany, chemistry, or Students from polytechnic and others, they are the one going to start at 200level(since they already did most 100level courses with Medicine Students).

Do You Have Any Idea About This?

What level does one start from if they apply via direct entry to Medicine and Surgery after graduation

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  1. Tomsia777

    This isn’t true
    At least not in Nigerian universities

    All Direct Entry students to Medicine or Dentistry start from 200 level even if you have a PhD, masters or its equivalent.

  2. Dr. Vibe

    This is false, I’m a direct entry student so I’m not talking based on what I heard but of experience

    I dont even think you can use courses like botany or chemistry to get medicine direct entry sef, it’s usually the basic medical courses( anatomy, physiology medical biochemistry etc etc) and you’ll still start from 200l. Don’t forget that during your B.Sc days you majored in one of the courses and just briefly touched the rest but in medicine, in your preclinical years, it’s like you’re majoring in all the basic medical courses and you must pass all of them before proceeding to your clinical years. More like baggin 3-4 degrees at once in two years lol. So that info is false, *ALL DIRECT ENTRY INTO MEDICINE STARTS FROM 200L*

  3. mari_yah

    You can never start from 400 level
    That person should debunk such idea
    I have bsc anatomy in my class,they all started when we were in year 2
    You can never just enter directly into clinicals,there are protocols to this thing.
    Also people that have bsc botany,chemistry and students from polytechnic cannot do direct entry to medical schools,because they are not health related courses and polytechnic structure is different from university. This set of people write jamb again to start from year1

  4. Thoyhurcee

    To my own knowledge it’s not true ….I have coursemates that have a1st degree in the above courses yet they started with us from 200l(direct entry)

  5. preshie5036

    You can’t start from 400l in any University no matter the course
    You start from 200l

  6. Oluwaranmilowo

    I’m a direct entry student
    As far as Anatomy and physiology is concerned
    The person will start from year 2
    That’s how it has always be done

  7. Destiny_Henry

    I am a 200 level student of Bingham university Karu campus.

    The Dean informed us that a BSc degree holder in anatomy of physiology can gain admittance into 300 with a first class honours.

  8. mmeri

    Yes this is true, I am a 3rd year student of Bingham University. This is because anatomy, physiology and MBBS are placed under similar teaching curriculum so any First Class graduate of B.sc anatomy or physiology can begin from 3rd year instead of the usual 2nd yr if using direct
    Only that the candidate would be made to write thee MB exams too

  9. Gujbawu

    I’m a 4th year Medical student in University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital (UMTH).

    Actually, regardless of which course you studied during your undergraduate, there are some few stuffs that differentiate between MBBS and other paramedic courses. For instance, in anatomy we dissect cadavers and it applies only to MBBS & Anatomy students. In some universities, Physiotherapy students too dissect.

    Moreover, we study Community Medicine as a course right from 200L. This indicates some stuffs that other paramedics are missing that made it mandatory for them to start from 200L and NOT 400L even after graduation.

  10. Aderinko Damilola Saheedat

    Am a student of Gregory University Uturu Abia State. If it’s direct entry,the person has to start from 200level in my school. During our orientation however, our Dean told us that if you apply for medicine after obtaining a B.SC in physiology or anatomy, you will write the second MB (300 level) for the other two courses i.e, u won’t be writing the course you have a B.Sc in. If u studied anatomy earlier, it means you will be writing physiology and biochemistry only in ur second mbbs exam.

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