The itching hurts, I need help

For about 3 years now, whenever I have my bath, my body itches me a few minutes after coming out of the bathroom. The itching lasts about 35-40 minutes ands it’s really bad; when I cream it goes down a bit.
My parents have wash the tanks often, I have also tried using disinfectants, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, Shea butter but no effect.
I have a naturally dry skin; I initially thought it was my cream and have changed to a medicated one but still no change.
The itching hurts, I need help


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  1. Acquafortis8

    It’s a form of hypersensitivity… (urthicaria) let him or her go to the hospital for the adequate management… If possible, tests can be carried out

  2. Brabo

    I’ve once made this complain to a doctor and he made me realize that it’s not a disease bt skin reaction to soaps

    I’m pretty sure it didn’t start when you were small

    My advice is for you to use detol skin care bar soap, it really helps

  3. Abubakar Ibrahim minshawy

    I think it’s allergy, sometimes this happen to me. Whenever I used hot and cold water at the same. I mean I took bath with hot water and I brush my teeth or do some other things with cold water.

  4. HipheOlhuwah

    Same thing happens to me till now. It has been long it started with me too, 7 to 8 years ago.

    When I bath with sponge, 1 hour after I’m out, serious itching all over my body.
    So I stopped bathing with sponge, just soap only. The itching still happens, but not as intense as when I was using sponge.

    The funny thing is, even bathing with water only, I still felt the itching.

  5. Doc Dee

    This happened to me some time ago… only to find out it’s just scabies…
    Check it out

  6. Efe pharms

    I also have such experience for over three years when I first entered school. But it stopped on it own after some time I didn’t do anything special to make it stop it part

  7. peakalu

    It really not a skin disease nor allergy to any cream or soap, to an extent I will say it’s natural it just happens, am a victim and it’s worst when I bath cold water Luke warm water. so just try using hot water often and then it also means your body is highly sensitive. so you just have to deal with it though sometimes when the itching is extreme I just use Betamethasone cream but try not to depend on it solely due to prolonged use side effect

  8. Aisha 0906

    I actually have the same problem, a doctor advised me to stop using sponge, perfumed soap and medicated soap. Because they all trigger the itching. You can make use of soaps that has less perfume.i know this will sound weird but I use black soap,the itch reduced since I started using it .

  9. Asclepius Jr

    I think this can solve the problem.

    1. Praise Rhema

      I have been doing this and the itching has stopped

  10. Praise Rhema

    I used to experience this itching for years till i started bathing with warm water,only soap and water with baby oil.
    If it still persists see your doctor😁

  11. Presh

    Or could it be that you’re reacting to a laundry product? The itching could likely be a result of using heavily scented laundry products on your towels. When you towel off after bathing, some fragrances from the laundry soap could be transferred to the skin. This could irritate the skin and cause itching if you’re sensitive or allergic to it. I guess this also explains why a friend develops rashes on her face each time she washes her towels with JIK.
    To counter your dry skin, you can try this. Rub raw honey all over your body, gently massage your skin with it, then wait for about 5-10 minutes before taking your bath.

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