Nursing VS Public Health; Career prospects

Please I need general advice on this issue. I’m in a situation where I have to pick between Nursing and Public health. And I really don’t know much about it, I also need some kind of guidance on the choice I’m making.
I need to know what people think is better to choose and why. From advantages and disadvantages, the area of work they do in the health sector, job market and so on.
Just a general review the both of them in strong light, so I can make a clear decision.

Please guide me. 🙏🏽

I have to pick between Nursing and Public health, Please guide me

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  1. Gbemisola

    Ion know what she mean by public health but…
    I know nutrition and Dietetics is under public health and to me….it’s better than nursing.
    Even status wise.
    But I’ll say it depends more on her passion.

    Status wise….to me,a nutritionist or a dietitian is better.
    Nutrition and Dietetics is a professional course too
    Market wise…….as I’ve heard…. nutrition and Dietetics is a hot cake.

    Apart from working in the hospital…. dietitians can engage in other kind of jobs like helping in weight loss and all those stuffs that require special diet.
    You know how expensive getting stuffs like that….just to formulate a diet table…the patient would be the one to ensure strict compliance.

    I still feel it’s better than nursing….from any angle.

    Even talking of stress. Nursing is more stressful

    One of my senior is a dietitian and you don’t even want to compare her to a nurse at all.

    Even out there where they care about what they consume,their weight and all….a dietitian is still better to me.

  2. francis

    I will suggest nursing.. Not because I am a nurse, but because my elder brother is a graduate of public health. I can compare the both of us and say that nurses have more job opportunities, more recognition,More chances of self employment and so on.
    If you also want to travel out of this country,Nursing is the best option.

  3. Dr Hall

    For someone just starting his or her career, I’ll advice nursing, public health is an aspect that welcome everyone, for instance after my MBChB, I can decide to specialize in public health and still have a special reservation as a Dr. Even a BMS graduate can decide to do MPH but that’s not always true for nursing. Even to think of it, traveling after nursing school is another option, it is a bet she will never lose,(I guess he is HE, because this is not a confusing decision for a SHE)

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