I have anxiety a lot of times and it’s really affecting me

I don’t know if my blood pressure is normal but it’s usually 130/60mmHg
I have anxiety a lot of times.
I do freak out when I’m in a difficult situation .
It’s so bad that I’ll be shaking
If I hurt someone, I get scared a lot
If I lose control of a situation I’m in, I start to shake.
This is really affecting me, coupled with the fact that I get mood swings too often
I easily get sad.
I need help
What’s happening to me

I have anxiety a lot of times and it's really affecting me

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Oluwapelumi Fadipe
Oluwapelumi Fadipe
9 months ago

You are having a mental illness. It isn’t something to freak about. All you need is professional help.

Just as when you get sick and you see a doctor, you also need to see a doctor for your mental illness.

🥕 In the meantime, focus more on positive aspect of your life. Try to worry less.

🥕 Connect more with those you trust and love. Spend more time with others and try focusing on helping people more.

🥕 Maintain good physical health: eat well, exercise more, ensure you have enough rest each day.

🥕 Develop strong coping skills especially towards stress, sadness, criticisms and negativity. Learn what works for you.
For me, when I’m having challenges dealing with a situation, I tend to write about it and I usually feel better afterwards. You could try to go for a walk, or do some other activities to help you relax.

I care about you 🤩 and I hope this few tips provide you with ongoing support.

Please ensure you see a doctor or therapist as soon as possible.

9 months ago

From physiological understanding of the human body
The 130/60 represents systolic/diastolic blood pressure
The systolic blood pressure plays a major role in blood pressure being hypertensive, slightly hypertensive etc
Normal accepted range for this should be Below 120/Below 80 but in this case where the systolic bp is 130 shows that there is something going on which you aren’t aware of
The bp is not too high for any concern but I’d advise you to see a medical doctor for early treatment with drugs which would bring your bp down because if left can result to haphazard effects

nazif ahmed
nazif ahmed
9 months ago

As far as my knowledge goes, this person’s blood pressure is not abnormal. If that’s the case then I suggest that the problem is psychological rather than medical. Chronic anxiety is a symptom of a lot of disorders. OCD for example. Obsessive compulsive disorder. The symptoms include anxiety, being over possessive, perfectionism and much more.

I don’t know much about psychology but I would suggest that they see a psychologist and check for any other symptoms, some that may not have been well pronounced. Check for phobias or trauma and maybe look for solutions

Faith shulammite
Faith shulammite
9 months ago

You should see a doctor..you might be suffering from major depressive disorder (MDD) or bipolar disorder (BD)
In these conditions neurotransmitters like glutamate, GABA, serotonin, norepinephrine or acetylcholine could be altered which could lead to cardiac symptoms, tremors and neurobehavioral disorders like anxiety.
mood stabilizers like lithium along with anxiolytics that can act as antidepressants like fluoxetine could help if how you feel is severely affecting your daily activities and relationship with others.
Reason being that those drugs have some serious side effect so you’ll have to decide if the benefits outweigh the risk
Psychotherapy is also a safer alternative. Talking to a professional that can help you.
And if you are religious you can pray, it could help you deal with negative feelings.