A Short Story about Gratitude, Passion and Consistency of a medical student (PART TWO)

A short story about Gratitude, Passion and Consistency (PART TWO)

I hated going for night class to Study. But when it was time to write a certain promotional exam (that promotes you from 200 level to 300 level at my medical school) some years backs, I had no choice. If you failed this exam, you will be shown the door out of Medical School. I had to go to night classes because I knew I wasn’t ready. I knew I needed to improve my game. So the first day came and I went.
I went the first day with a pillow and a sweat shirt. Yes, a pillow used for sleeping. People laughed at me as I strolled from off campus into small gate then as I walked my way through to the auditorium; It wasn’t twilight yet. Then I read as long as I could after which, I slept comfortably with my Pillow at about past 11 in the night.
I felt alot of pain the following day but it didn’t deter me from attending classes. As usual, I went to the class and sat in my usual seat (front row seat) before 7:30am in the morning. I told myself “last night was a terrible experience” and swore never to go through it again.
But Guess What?
I hadn’t read. I lacked in many areas and exams was was fast approaching.
My continuous assessments were poor. They weren’t good. I had 50.01 for anatomy, 50.37 for Biochemistry and distinction for Physiology. I knew I needed to improve in these courses else I was either going to leave medical school or repeat the class. I already calculated my graduation age from medical school. I calculated at 20+ I should have graduated, finished house Job and served. So failing wasn’t an option for me.
Three days after the first day I went for night class, I went again. The experience didn’t change; same mosquito bites, cold and unpleasant smell oozing from the class environment and people around. I had to take another long break again from the night classes. Don’t forget I went with my pillow again😂😂. In this life, don’t trade your comfort for whatever people may say; don’t trade your comfort for anything or anybody unless it is absolutely needed. I don’t do that, I wasn’t going to start then especially when my promotion depended on it.
Soon it became a habit. I mean the night classes; I went daily with my Pillow to sleep and seat on to prevent pains in the gluteal region, wore swear shirt and stockings to withstand cold, and a long trouser to prevent mosquito bites. Of course I went with my set of biros (Red, Blue and Black), books and chilled bottled water. Once 3days apart night classes became 2days apart and soon there was no break in transmission; it became everyday (all days, everyday).
Then exams came. We wrote and blasted the exams. I had distinction in a particular course (you know the course) after the scores were averaged even without the addition of continuous assessment.
My school had a small quota. We were less than 100; we were about 75 in the class before the exam. Fifteen (15) people dropped from the class and only 60 of us proceeded to the next class. Seven (7) repeated, and Eight (8) were shown the exit door.

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  1. Toluwalogo Deborah

    You must have an high IQ then?
    It is really helpful sir.

    How did you utilize breaks like this then?

  2. Lily


    The sky is your stepping stone

  3. dammie

    Arghhhh😖😖,,, I can relate
    Night classes suck but you’ve got to go out of your comfort zone🤧

  4. Tobi.P

    This is really cool, I think we have something in common. Life is all about determination and that feeling to strive for greatness is very important no matter how difficult it seems

  5. Ihsan

    Interesting story indeed. I have always wanted to carry a pillow or blanket to class but never got the courage😂 it feels nice to know someone feels the same

  6. SirDubem

    Wow… I feel hope restored.
    Thanks for the reinspiration.
    More greatness unlimited 💪💪

  7. Ridwan

    The thing dey ginger me

    Can’t wait for part 3. I hope is ready?

  8. Ishaqdyara

    Eyyah I enjoyed reading but why stop now 😒 Please need part 3.
    But wait why always with Pillow 😂😂🤣

  9. Maryam

    This is very INSPIRING❤…Waiting for part three

  10. Itohanosa Eriamiator

    The way to success isnt really easy, I have learnt a whole lot. Thanks for sharing

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