Blood, sweat and tears

Something happened today. Right now, I am patiently waiting for my friends in black to pick me up.
“How long does it take the police to get here even? This is something the Nigerian police have to put more effort into. How can I call for assistance over about thirty minutes ago and they still haven’t showed up?”
I don’t know if I should wsit for their arrival or I should make another call. Those people need to show up quickly because if they don’t, something really terrible would happen.
While waiting for their arrival, I decide to clean up the mess I have created as I really don’t like either the sight or the smell of fresh blood, especially one that is oozing from the neck of someone I gave my all to, my “supposed” girlfriend, Omolola Kimberly Dara.

The events that led to her lying on the floor of her room, lifeless, isn’t something that started recently. I would rather have it called “accumulated anger” because I know that I tried my best to remain calm for so long even after I found out what she did.
For a while now, Kimberly and I have been in a relationship that hasn’t particularly been defined. We were not dating officially so, I could call what she shared an “entaglement” or “friends with benefits and one day, she broke the news of her pregnancy to me. I personally ensured to confirm the pregnancy with a test from my family’s hospital.
Due to the fact that I wasn’t having enough money to start a family, I began doing any and every job I could find. I worked two jobs daily; having only five hours of rest each day and the nature of my jobs made me to always be on the road. In all my struggles, I always made sure to send enough money from the little salaries I was being paid; #35000 and #40000 respectively. In a space of seven months, she always requested that I gave her #30000 for her upkeep each month and then an extra #15000 for her antenatal check ups, which although I wasn’t comfortable with, decided to adjust to it, owing to the fact that she housed my unborn child inside her.

Today, I decided to pay her a surprise visit. I expected to be welcomed by both her and my unborn children, leaping for joy at the sound of his father’s voice.
Immediately the door to her room creaked open, she froze.
“I didn’t expect you to be here today Daniel,” she said, looking like she had seen a ghost.
“I didn’t too but I just decided to surprise my lady and my child. I bought something on my way here; a maternity gown for you and some toys for___”
The reality hit me. I saw her clearly now. ” Where’s my child? Dara__” I called her by her first name, “what did you to our child?”
She started stuttering. “I__I__it died.”
I couldn’t bear the news “What do you mean by ‘it’ died? But I sent you money for antenatal check up three days ago? And why are you calling our child ‘it’? By now, you are supposed to have confirmed the gender of the child, except___”

She bent her head in regret.
“The child died a long while ago. I couldn’t keep it. I wasn’t ready to be a mother yet. I am not ready to be a mother even. You too aren’t ready to be a father. What will people say? That Kimberly, a high flying student in her class spread her legs and got pregnant for Daniel, an NYSC member with barely enough money to take care of himself? God forbid that shame!”
Her words were too numerous for me to process at the same time. “You said you couldn’t keep it. Don’t tell me that you___”
She nodded. “I committed an abortion at three weeks”.
The room to me was already getting stuffy so I left standing at the door to get to the window, to ease in the flow of ventilation. I couldn’t process all she was telling me properly. I was short of words myself; I never expected something like that to ever happen to me, worst still, coming from someone I loved.
“Do you love me?” I asked, tears welling in my eyes and begging to be set free.
“What do you mean by you don’t know?”
She moved closers to where I stood and suddenly, her voice sounded so low, like something slightly above a decibel “The thing is we haven’t exactly established what we share between ourselves. I cannot let a one-night stand bind us together forever. I don’t think the two of us are actually meant to be.”

“You say what? You don’t think the two of us are actually meant to be and you have been collecting the money I sent to you every now and then? You don’t think the two of us are meant to be and you never even told me? You don’t think the two of us are meant to be and____Argh! No wonder you have never even for once picked up any of my video calls. You were scared that I would find out about your ‘little secret’, eh?”
She defended herself “I used the money to take care of myself and___”
My voice was raised at this point and Kimberly could clearly sense the anger fueling through my veins. And to add icing to the cake, her phone rang. Out of impulse, I delved onto her bed before she could run to get it. Then, I saw the name of the number who had been calling her ‘My forever❣️’. She begged me with her eyes not to pick the call but I was insistent and decided to swipe through the green button.
“Hello babe? Remember that today is Wednesday and we agreed that we would have a marathon today. Well, I am on my way. I hope you bought the pack of raincoats I asked you to buy, except maybe, you would like to go extreeeme.”

She started begging “It is not what you think. I promise. Ayo is just my friend, there’s nothing between us really.” She knew me too well not to have bought the lies she said “I guess I was at fault for not being available throughout this past seven months but this time around, we are going to make babies and I will be there throughout the period of the pregnancy.”
I rushed to her, dragged her and threw her to the bed. I stood over her, using my knees to wedge her in place, one hand to loose my belt and the other, to press against her mouth. She struggled to break herself free, writhing and biting my palm placed over her mouth but both her efforts seemed abortive until she did a free kick.

“My kids” I groaned out loudly.
She ran to the kitchen and returned with a knife “Get out of my house now or I will kill you.”
It looked rather funny to me “What do you think you want to do with that knife? We both know you are the most terrible cook alive and I bet you wouldn’t even know how to use it.”
She got really angry and ran towards me with the knife. I easily overpowered her and quickly put her in position to proceed for what we had abandoned for commercial breaks. Rivulets of sweat were flowing from my torso down my body as I laid over her, about to eat the forbidden fruit.
Suddenly, she reached for the knife which happened to be a little distance from her left hand and immediately attempted to stab me with it but was too slow as I placed my right arm in defence.
My blood oozed out from the cut on my arm and upon seeing how much blood I lost froze, afraid that she had done something really bad. And yes, she had actually done something really bad. By that single action, she had awakened the Beast trapped inside me and soon, I, with one hand, dragged the knife from her grip and with the other, held her neck tightly to hold her in position as I made successive thrusts in and out of paradise.
Fifteen minutes later, I was satisfied with myself, whereas, she felt torn. She spoke to me with her eyes and begged me to do her a favor by ending what I started.
I wasn’t so wicked not to grant her the favor.
The blade wasn’t so blunt as one slash through her neck did the trick.

I don’t think my friends in black uniform understand the urgency of my call. I pick up the phone again and dial the number. Hopefully, someone picks up the call immediately.  Without waiting for the person at the other end to introduce himself, I say quickly ” My name is Daniel. My girlfriend committed an abortion and cheated on me afterwards so I raped and killed her. You better come arrest me now; else I will kill myself.”

Written by

ARINZE DANIEL UDOYE, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra state, NIGERIA.

Blood, sweat and tears

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