Can an average and dedicated student study medicine successfully?

An average student is somebody who maybe diligent and hard-working but scores average marks in examinations. They’re neither good nor bad. Slow learners may also be average students.

Can an average student study medicine and be excellent at it?

Can an average and dedicated student study medicine successfully?

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  1. JoshWurani

    [01/04, 6:00 pm] ⏱️: Average, intelligent, slow, one thing i know about doing well in medical school dat is overlooked is d aspect of mental stability and resilience. We have a lot of intelligent people dat are hit by psychological issues and it reduces deir performance. But usually average students are resilient, tho few smart students are able to stay mentally stable despite d storms.

    One thing i believe, ur mental state has a great impact on your academics.
    Mental state can distort ur hardwork completely…
    [01/04, 6:02 pm] ⏱️: A lot of smart, intelligent people are giving up in medical school all because they lost deir mental balance from d start…..

  2. Lilian

    Speaking of being intelligent
    How can you ascertain that you’re intelligent and fit to be in Med school?

  3. outlaw

    I honestly doubt, even smart-ass people find it a bit hard to cope let alone average individuals, the dedication might not just suffice.

  4. opeyemi

    Hmmm this is interesting , To get admitted one could assume himself to be smart because of the he level and type of work ( Physics chemistry biology) you are doing at that particular time , But to maintain the course that level of smartness would not take you any where , There are more than just been smart in medical school
    no 1God factor ( grace of God )
    No 2. DILIGENCE AND COMMITMENT UNDYING PASSION and more you will discover as you level up in medical school.

  5. Adenosine Triphosphate

    I am an average medical student, currently in 200lvl, that secured his admission with jamb score not up to 210 without knowing body or any form of connection. Everyday blessed day I give thanks to Almighty Allah for giving me that chance, and I am sure my story will turn to glory. As an average student, infact a whole student, passing through medical school is not a beans. I believe an average student with discipline, and reading consistency can actually survive medical school. You know in life I always I believe in this saying *Hardwork pays* but medical school proves it wrong by saying *Smart works pays and not just hard work*…….. Las las everything in medical school is *GRACE*
    MedTv, When the time is right, i would love to share my story on this platform
    *How did I get Medicine with 206 as Jamb Score and how did i managed to excel*

  6. Acquafortis8

    Absolutely .. There’s no limit to human intelligence.. Intelligence is fluid and it’s something that can be built over time… Students with 320+ and 86+ got withdrawn during the recently released MBE… it’s not about intelligence it’s about self realization and self awareness… 2016,i wasn’t as intelligent as this… Before the lock down, I wasn’t as intelligent as this… During the lock down, I was motivated from within, to complete my sadler’s book of embryology(left with 3 topics)…. Embarked on completing sembuligam of which I have 2 chapters left…. I studied my mom’s texts… Finished Pharmacology for nursing…

    I was pushed to do so coz while i was in part 2,i couldn’t focus due to the fact that I was writing series of exams….

    Once again, intelligence is not something that’s peculiar or unique… Effort is what is needed.. The brain evolves continually so as our perspectives and thinking ability

  7. SignificantK

    Anybody can study any course with the right information about how to thrive.
    Come to UJ and see medical students with less than 200 in jamb. Some thrive and some don’t. I scored above 270 but deliberately didn’t apply medicine (I regretted this tho.) But I don’t think jamb score and intelligent are always a standard way to measure.
    Infact I still think I’m not intelligent but everyone else around believes otherwise.
    I don’t know what makes people want to always think they’re having it worst than others. Tell me a course that is a joke and we can discuss why people get withdrawn from there.

  8. Adeshola 54

    There are medical students with 200+… less than 300 doing well in medical school…I know a lot gurus that have crashed out of medical school, I know gurus that have to write second MBBS twice before entering clinicals….an average student will excell in medicine if he/she is dedicated…if you read at least 2 hrs everyday and engage in group discussions very well…with God on your side, you won’t have any problem in medical school…. Medical School is all about resilience and dedication so also other allied health sciences/basic sciences

  9. Jey

    Yes sir🤓🤓
    Most likely he will not be the best student in class but constant practice will transform him into a whiz with time🤓
    I am an average student.
    Some say I am slightly below average🤓
    Your ability to obey and follow the pillars in med-school is key…
    1.You draw your strength from above (God ).
    2 know what workz for you.
    4. Consistency
    7.Observation, analysis and prediction ( very important for an average student/ someone slightly below average)
    It is possible sir🤓🤓🤓

  10. Bi.san

    Truth is, Medicine is for Intelligent beings even though hard work, smart work, dedication, consistency, practice and determination are factors to help one have a firm grip and stamina to remain in it.

    Intelligent people always have something in common, that’s why Medical students tend to be the most adored while in school and even after school.

  11. Aladesanmi Adejisola

    An average student who is determined can be successful in a medical school
    Because most times you find out that it is the determined ones that perform well in the practical aspect not the intelligent ones
    Average student means you neither good not bad so I feel you can be successful in a medical school you might not just be the best.
    Medical school need your determination, dedication and lot more
    Not just that you must be intelligent only
    You must be emotionally and mentally stable for it because even if you are intelligent you will still be frustrated.
    I think determination is the number one thing.

  12. klenzo

    Being successful in medical school is dependent on 4 factors
    1. The ability of the student to study, you have a lot to read with little time this is why some student(smart or average) fail out of medical school they spend little time to study.

    2.the ability of the student to comprehend, this is where the average students will find difficulty in medicine since he lacks some basic knowledge , it doesn’t matter how long you read if you don’t understand it’s a waste of time.

    3.the ability of the student to recall what he has read: the medical curriculum is bulky and there is limited timeframe to read multiple times. This can affect any student whether smart or average

    4.ability of the student to present what he read and understood under the pressure and limited time of medical school examinations.

    To me being smart simply has to do with ur ability to understand and exhibit/apply intelectual knowledge .

    medicine is for the smart and hard-working students,not just smart and not just hard-working students.

  13. Ebunoluwa

    There is no course that will not need hardwork and you being intelligent….
    And to me medical student(doctor’s) are over hyped and over rated. Every body is relevant in the health sector after all it’s not all doctor’s that graduate as the best in there class. Some graduate as the last.
    Other health sector members (nurses, lab scientist , pharmacist)Also went to school . We did not go to school to play . What is the hospital without other members of the health sector.
    We all need each other.
    But I still stand on the point that they are overrated

  14. D_mentor

    Yeah of course!
    Average students are always mean, dedicated and hardworking towards striving to survive in med school.
    There’s a Proff that once Say’s “MBBS is not for the intelligent students rather it’s for Average student”
    And I got to look on his point that intelligent students always think that they knows it while average student is always striving to know it…
    With that i drop my pen.

  15. Peter 12082003

    I believe there’s no average student.. It all about how u can stay dedicated to the course, it all about hardwork and having God with you.. Even Ben Carson thought he was an average student until he started to put in the work and started reading..
    Me I don’t see anyone better than me, all I just believe in is that I should just put in the work.. And with the help of God, anyone can study medicine..

  16. Afiangbe

    Depending on the context, ”average” have different meaning to different people.

    In the context of academic performance; the difference between the supposedly ”average” student and the ”top” student is usually the discipline.
    The discipline to be focus and put in all the work.

    In the context of IQ. ”The non average person” may be a person with extremely high IQ. Some may refer to such as ‘genius’.
    Well, in this context, I believe if you are really gifted (ie someone with a very high IQ), you should probably be in pure science discipline like physics, mathematics, chemistry,… where you can use the power of your mind for abstract thinking, formulation of model and theories, and question existing ones. This is where innovation is birthed.

    One of the reasons why we are not very innovative as a nation is because we have created a fallacy that the best minds should be in the ”professional course”: Medicine, Engineering etc
    leaving the core of fundamental science discipline with people who some may refer to as ‘average’.

    When we normalize having some of the best minds in pure sciences and are ready to invest in these minds; that is when we can start progressing.

    What I am trying to say is that you don’t need the IQ of Einstein to succeed in Medicine.
    But if you do have the IQ of Einstein and you fail bring major change in healthcare (ie revolutionize the delivery and quality of healthcare) then you have failed humanity.
    Or maybe you should never have been in Medicine.
    My one cent on the matter.

  17. Dr_TY

    Anybody on this planet can study medicine, the major requirements being strong never say die mentality and consistent reading. Of course God being constant.

  18. Unachukwu Henry

    Well, what I’m saying is back then,in 2019 when i wrote UTME I had 307 and 20 in post utme and even with that, i didn’t get admitted into med school until i ran the DE program and got admitted into 200lvl. Can an average student score 300+ in JAMB?
    Anyone at all that gets MBBS on merit is certainly not an average student because you obviously have to score above 300 and have good O level and post utme scores. So i can tell you for a fact that you won’t find an average student in med school..MBBS precisely

  19. Chideramaxwell

    Permission to disagree on this… I have a friend of mine currently in the same department, Med & Surg. with me. Back then in our secondary school this guy doesn’t see the top 20 in the class, while I was the top. Long story cut short, after our secondary school, we are now preparing for JAMB, the first attempt he had 295 while I had 315, the gap wasn’t that much.. I was literally surprised…The top smashers in class, from 2nd down then, were scoring 247, 278, 243, 235 nd so on.. what caused it ? Those guys were really not average in class then 🤷‍♂️ That’s is the power of Discipline, determination, positive mindset, consistency and all of its kinds… Though we got our admission now in UNN with 334 and 331 respectively… This my saying that *” No one is really intelligent and no one is really a dummy”* You are a product of what you think of yourself and what you can achieve… SHALOM ✨💫

  20. GrandMaster

    Anyone can study medicine. Consistency is the key. It is result that demarcate average from intelligent. One may be an average student today and tomorrow be an intelligent one… The reverse also is true.. Ben Carson was an average student wen in lower class but during his MBBS studies we all he’s hot… One who thinks he’s intelligent and relent will become an average guy… And an average guy that improves and aim higher will graduate to meet the intelligent ones….. Hardwork and consistency is what differentiate btw the two…. Except one is naturally mentally retarded, anyone can be intelligent…. So MBBS is for any one provided Hardwork and consistency is constant…

  21. shaaaron

    I don’t think Medicine is specifically designed for a group of people.
    Anyone can study it.
    Intelligent, average, etc.
    You just need to work really hard. I didn’t think I could study medicine because I thought I wasn’t smart enough. But I liked it a lot, and I went for it.
    It’s not easy but we thank God.
    It’s up to one.
    If you like the course, go for it. Don’t let anyone judge you because they think you’re not smart enough.
    It’s what you want.
    Also, when they say, ‘medicine is for the intelligent’
    You’ll think you’re intelligent until you enter medicine😂
    You’ll legit start questioning your intelligence.

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