Angel Lust: Can Dead Men have erection?

Angel Lust: Can Dead Men have erection?

“Akon, the notorious rapist and serial killer, has finally been brought to book. This was after he was arrested, and multiple evidences showed he was responsible for the gruesome death of miss Jane Alade. He has been sentenced to death and just executed by hanging. This should serve as a lesson to people, who choose to thread in the path of evil. My name is Cenah Odogwu, reporting, for OGC news.” The light skinned TV presenter, stated.

“Thank goodness. The hands of justice has finally caught up with him.” Callie, satisfied with the final execution of the rapist, commented. She and Ava have been following the case up since they heard of Jane’s death.
“Callie look! He has an erection.” Ava, pointing to the TV, exclaimed and giggled.

“Why did you choose to look at that part of him?” “Your mind is too dirty.” Her twin brother, Alex, teasing her, looked at her with contempt, while she eyed him.

Can Dead Men Have Erection?

“A leopard never looses its spot. Once a rapist, always a rapist.” Callie commented.
“Who knows? Maybe he wants to rape the Angels in heaven again, or probably devil in hell. We never can tell where he will end up in.” Ava said and they laughed.

“Hey you girls are missing it. It’s just natural for him to have an erection.”

“Really? Tell me more Alex.” Ava said.

“The erection you noticed is referred to as rigor erectus or angel lust. It is a form of priapism observed in the corpses of men who have been executed, particularly by hanging.”

Why and how does it happen?

“Why and how does it happen?” Callie asked.
“Dead men have erection as a result of sudden loss of autonomic control at body regions distal to spinal cord injury. The reason can also be attributed to the pressure created on the cerebellum by the noose of the rope. At the same time, it is characterized by discharge of urine, mucus or prostatic fluid.” Alex explained.

“Wow! I’m hearing this for the very first time.” Ava commented.

“It’s obvious sis. Gravity also exert an influence on rigor erectus. Especially since blood pools to the lower part of the body. You should also note that it doesn’t only affect men but also women. Their clitoris or labia can get engorged if subjected to such condition.” He continued.

Does Angel Lust happen to only People hanged?

“Does it happen only to a person who has been hanged?” Ava asked.

“No, it can also occur to people who get shot in the head. The main thing is that it is characterized by a swift and sudden death.” Alex added.

“Way to go, smarty pants! You’re so intelligent.” Callie who was impressed, stated.

“How did you learn that again? I don’t remember us ever being taught in school.” Ava asked her brother.

“Maybe next time, you spend your time reading articles and watching documentaries instead of admiring guys that don’t even notice you.”
“I’m gonna kill you before mum gets back.”

Angry Ava screamed and chased him while he giggled and ran away.

“Come back here!” She shouted again.

Angel Lust: Can Dead Men have erection?

Writer: Ogunmola Hannah
University of Medical Sciences, Ondo State, Nigeria

Hannah is a writer who is skilled at conveying not just messages, but emotions through words. She has always loved writing and she perfectly fits her medical knowledge into her articles.ย 
You can be rest assured of fascinating and insightful articles, as long as you watch out for her contents.
All in all, Hannah’s write-ups are a perfect description of engaging, lucid and enlightening

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  1. Owusonabi

    Wow this is a powerful piece. “Learning never end”. More grace to the writers๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  2. Kene

    Wow, first time I’m hearing this. Thank you

  3. jegede Joseph Eritunbi

    Very innovative ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  4. SignificantK

    This is creative and informative.
    I must also commend the brevity.
    Well done!

  5. jenny007

    This was really insightful…. It’s a bit to funny to imagine…. But i have a question… Since dead men get erection does that mean there are active sperms there that can get a woman pregnant?
    Or the erection is just a gravitational pull?

    1. Hann

      In my own opinion, in a normal dead person, a discharge can be found near the penis of the corpse. However, that results from just passive seeping of fluid from prostate gland. That is termed leakage and not ejaculate.

      But in such a case like rigor erectus, fluid comes out from the penis not just passively, but as a result of erection. Therefore, it should have a little bit of sperm in it.
      Especially in cases where there’s leftover sperm in the urethra, it mixes with it, producing prostatic fluid with active mobile sperm.

      It should be noted however that sperms die few minutes outside a dead man’s body, making it unviable if not collected immediately.

      Think about this though, who will ever try to go near a hanged criminal to get sperm to make babies?

      In other cases though, sperm can be extracted from the dead body for artificial insemination. This must be within a period of 24 hours though to preserve the viability of the sperm.

  6. Stellicose

    Wow, this is a very interesting piece to read, informative too. The style of writing is amazing as well. Welldone.

  7. drwaters

    Before I gained admission into the university, I decided to pay a visit to the mortuary at the General Hospital because I wanted to confirm if I had the “mind” to study medicine (or any medical course peradventure was offered admission into medicine department).

    I recall how naive I was when I asked the mortuary attendant to see the corpses. He was shocked and asked me why. I explained myself to him, and he laughed.

    He then called one of the staff, who took me to a corner where one of the corpses was being dried. I wasn’t satisfied with what I saw ( the corpse was pointed to from afar) and then asked to have a personal encounter with the corpses.

    The staff then told me to walk through the hallway covered with a curtain. He led me, though, but I was scared to my bones.

    I saw something that caught my attention. The penis of one of the cadavers was still erect and when I asked the staff why, he laughed “this one would be all those guys that like women too much. It’s like he died in action. A real nan indeed!!!”

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