Prenatal ultrasound reveals an infant with an enlarged head and expansion of both lateral ventricles.

1. What is this condition called?

2. What might have caused it?


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  1. omotola

    Condition—- Hydrocephalus
    Cause—- Aqueductal stenosis

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      Hello omotola,
      Correct 👌
      Brief and very correct
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  2. Tawakalt

    It could have been aqueductal stenosis, defects such as spina bifida or encephalocele, infections such as rubella

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      You were correct 💯
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  3. EmeraldCeey

    My answer:
    1.Hydrocephalus particularly Non communicating Hydrocephalus.

    2. Caused by blockage of CSF pathways due to dilated cerebral ventricles.

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      Hello emerald,
      Your response was correct 💯
      The blocakage is usually at the acqueduct of sylvius thus preventing the circulation of the CSF to the fourth ventricle and subsequently to the arachnoid space for absorption into the venous sinuses.
      This will invariably lead to the swelling of the brain tissues, thinning of these tissues and subsequent thinning of the bones of the skull.
      With a bossed skull and thinned cerebral tissues, it becomes difficult for the infant to survive such abnormally.
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  4. Taofiqah
    1. Pediatric Venticulomegaly.
    2. It is often caused by hydrocephalus, a condition whereby cerebrospinal fluid(CSF) builds up within the ventricles of the brain, causing them to grow progressively larger.
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      Hi Taofiqah,
      You are correct 💯
      Venticulomegaly is term used to describe an enlarged ventricle.
      One of such risk factor for this condition is the hydrocephalus, a condition well described by you and others.
      Nice Job
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  5. David-Uka Chioma

    1)Condition_ Non-Communicating or obstrucive hydrocephalus

    2)It is caused by a blockage to the interventricular foramen(Foramen of Monro) which allows the flow of CSF from the lateral ventricle to the third ventricle thus resulting in the dilation of ventricle proximal the obstruction.

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