A 28-year-old woman who received no prenatal care gives birth at 37 weeks’ gestation. The fetus is stillborn and has a number of anomalies including a flattened face, large and low set ears, and clubbed feet.
(1) What condition is characterized by the physical characteristics of the fetus shown in the photograph?
(2) What other condition would result in an amount of amniotic fluid similar to that found in this situation?

Potter syndromePotter sequence

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1 year ago


Nuhu musa
1 year ago

1.The condition characterized by the mentioned physical xtics is TRISOMY 18.(Edward syndrome ) ,it’s a syndrome that resulted from additional copy of chromosome 18 .the patient may have other features in addition to the flattened head,low low set ears and clubbed feet like intellectual disability ,congenital heart defect ,flexion of fingers and hands,micrognathia,renal anomalies,syndactyly and malformation of the skeletal muscle.
85% of the newborn are lost between 10 weeks of gestation ,whereas those born alive usually die by 2 months of age.Approxjmately 5% live beyond 1 year.
2. I think the the other abnormality that might result in the same amount of amniotic fluid is TRISOMY 13 (pateau syndrome ) due to the extra copy of chromosome 13.the main abnormality here might be intellectually disability as well ,holoprosencephaly,congenital heart defect ,deafness,cleft lip and palate,microphthalmia or anophthalmia and coloboma. Morethan 90% of the infants die in the first month after birth and less than 5% live beyond 1 year .

1 year ago

Thanks for the 2nd answer