Vagina tightening and whitening creams

(1) How safe are they?
(2) Why use them in the first?

Virgina TighteningVirgina Tightening

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  1. Queen B

    I am not here to say if it is safe or why is it is being used or not
    I am just here to tell those that may think the amount of sexual partners you have doesnt determine how loose or tight your vagina is that,
    The vagina is elastic
    So, so far it has not exceeded its elastic limit it would always contract back, but if it has it will forever remain relaxed

    So it depends on the size of what is entering, and the force at which it enters

    Hookes law

    1. Maria

      Vagina tightening creams only tighten the outer part of the vagina but leaves the inner part as loose as it was, so it’s no use actually

    2. Anna

      As regards the misconception of vaginal loosening, I’d want to assert that to a great extent child bearing has the ability to reduce vaginal elasticity (that’s prolly dependent on the number of children involved) and not the number of sexual partners one have made out with.

  2. Judith

    Some Girl’s are using vagina tightener and guys d..k enlargement oil to expand what the girls are tightening.
    Las las all of us are not normal in this country🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  3. Raphael

    Answering the First Question : They aren’t safe as none as gone through clinical trials and you never see doctors prescribing them. All they do is dry out the vagina which is bad and can cause painful intercourse, perhaps all they have is placebo effect.

    To answer the second question, a lot of people in Nigeria are of the mentality that constant sex leads to loosening of the vagina which is wrong, the vagina is something like an elastic, it will definitely try to return back to it’s normal shape after intercourse.
    The muscles will get weaker after constant childbirth though but it still doesn’t call for vagina tightening creams.

  4. Talitha

    Baby girls, Having sex has no correlation of how tight your vigina is. Stop doing unnecessary things just to be tight . But if you have been loose is as a result of child birth ie you’ve giving birth to 2-5 children and you’re a bit loose or have experienced tear during birth, consult a gynecologist.

    Young girls stop using tightening gels etc progressively they are common causes of infections, and even cancer. So😒😒Stop!!!

  5. Shugar

    I don’t anything wrong with it.
    This is the reason why men cheat.If you have a reason to make your spouse stop,then why not go ahead and do it🤷🏽‍♂

    1. Tylenol

      It’s wrong to use it, the side effects can be really bad…
      Think about it how can a gel tighten muscle (vaginal)… Is it even possible?
      Those that claim it gets tighter down there after use of vagina tightener is just as a result of placebo effect, nothing more…

      Vaginal muscle tension is loosened only if you’ve given birth to around let’s say 3 children and around 40+ old before getting married and that will make your spouse go for women outside why? Cuz they’ve not given birth to children so that their vagina is yet to be loose…
      It’s Hooke’s law, there’s elastic limit…

  6. Alabi

    One question for the ladies please! Is sex much more pleasurable for you when the vagina is tight? 😶

    If it’s actually because of the man alone, then 🤐

  7. Beck davids

    At times it’s not good to be too tight or too loose
    If a girl is too tight, sex would be painful, if she’s too loose sex would be boring

  8. Beck davids

    Some men won’t say anything….they’ll then cheat, if they are asked why they cheated, they’ll say the girl was sweeter and tighter

  9. Bright

    The vagina truly contracts after birth but do these people know they cut the vagina some cm during child birth?
    Yes, they do
    Definitely the vagina wont be as tight as it use to be

  10. Queen shamsiya

    Personally I see nothing wrong in using tightners or oil.My problem is what product are you applying on your skin/v***na.There are tightners which are made from organic products that offer required solution and might be safe for use.I personally support use of organics for this

  11. Emmanuella

    I really don’t see the need for young girls to tighten their vagina!!
    There’s only two things that can make a vagina loose it’s elasticity
    Child birth and old age
    Aside that
    Even if you have sex with different men of different penis sizes it won’t slack the vagina
    That’s just a misconception by laymen
    But medically it’s not true.
    Another thing lost people don’t know is that,
    Just like penis, Vagina comes in different depths and widths.
    Ignorance is a bad thing shaaa
    It’s important we educate ourselves and stop subjecting ourselves to harmful practices
    It is well

  12. Ayomide

    It doesn’t make sense to say apart from pregnant women it is women who sleep around that would want to tighten their vagina. Because what is the difference between a woman who has sex with 10 men and a woman who has sex with one man 10 times?
    As for the vagina tightening issue, every woman is different so I guess it’s possible that the elasticity of one woman’s vagina will be different from the other woman.And as a comment said, the vagina is a muscle so no matter how loose or whatever it will eventually tighten back but only if there’s no activity to expand it in the first place.
    So I doubt if there’s any vagina tightening cream that would tighten the vagina forever in a woman that is sexually active.
    So any man that is asking for a tight vagina all the time is unreasonable

  13. Amber

    1 it’s not safe.. Especially the use of alum and other inorganic substances cos it can change the ph of the vagina, it can also cause an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina thus leading to vaginal infection
    2 people tighten cos society has made us believe the more sexual partner a woman has ..the more she is loose down.
    Also to meet up with the sexual expectations of their partner
    Also child birth

  14. Bliss

    As to the first question, I honestly feel that these creams, gels contribute to cancers and infections.
    If the slackness is caused by a normal abnormality, she can tighten it so she can get to enjoy the sweetness of pleasure of sex (that’s if it is affecting her pleasure during sex)
    Plus if it’s the guy that’s pressuring her to do so and she doesn’t then she shouldn’t…it’s her goddamn body, hers to control.

  15. Victory

    Whether we castigate or not, ladies still do it. For so many reasons. So if your husband enjoys it that way, do it so that you won’t loose him. But if you are still single, i advice not to do it because i believe there are side effects to that. Do not ruin vagina ooooo

  16. Anonymous

    Tightening the vagina (as has been heard of) most times is be to increase pleasure for the guys. It has been shown that during sex, pleasure experienced by your partner is directly proportional to the pleasure you receive also(in a healthy sexual relationship). The same way men feel better hearing ladies moan, and causing them to orgasm is applicable in the case of women as well.
    My point? Tightening the vagina to increase the pleasure of the partner is most times the primary reason for this procedure, or why it is highly sought for to begin with. If the man doesn’t complain(or of she feels he wouldn’t), the woman will most likely not do anything (her primary pleasure spot is the clitoris, not even the walls of the vagina).

    As for the second question, using such risks are at the user’s risk ultimately. They may work, they most times do not (as is seen in penile enhancement drugs and creams as well). Mainly because these organs are made of muscles with rich blood supply. Increasing the blood supply would in time tighten the vagina and maybe cause some form of hypertrophy as well(I don’t know). Point is, it works oh, It doesn’t work oh, na you go carry wahala after taking the pill if yawa burst. Just do kegel exercise na, abi🤷.

  17. Sulaiman Fatima


  18. Heedjou

    Well…I didn’t see anything wrong in doing so!

  19. DOCTOR P

    Meanwhile,ive just been mute on the issue🤷🏻‍♀️
    Make I talk my own…
    Vagina tightening cream ain’t medically advisable!!
    The length,width and depth of the vagina varies in individuals…
    But generally, the organs of the reproductive system in females undergo several manipulations(.e.g. constant coitus,pregnancy and childbirth).Notwithstanding, after much manoeuvre.,they return to their initial (pregravid)state including the shape and size..through a process called INVOLUTION!!👌
    Now,using a vagina tightening cream would temporarily seem nice and effective ,but trust is Only interfering with the body’s physiology and own ability to take its organs back to normal shape and condition;and with time,the individual would have to face the repercussion. 👌📝

    Not to advertise tho,but there are several intimate care products of natural extracts that r gynecologically tested and proven…which help to keep the V-area retracted after sex,lubricated,infection-free…amongst other🤷🏻‍♀️
    Of these products,there is FEMINELLE INTIMATE CARE GEL (WASH AND SPRAY) from Oriflame👌.
    So,if such products exist..I see no reason why a lady in good standing,would subscribe and resort to using VAGINA TIGHTENING CREAMS (which obviously would alter the normal pH of the vagina and probably destroy the normal flora in the Vagina cuz of its chemical comprimés👌🤷🏻‍♀️)

  20. ola

    Vaginal tightening can be carried out in several ways. Use of creams containing Alum and through surgery, these all have side effects scarring,uterine adhesions(asherman syndrome),dry vagina, microflora imbalance and many more
    In my opinion, the Doctor(PS) is in best position to advise a lady whether to tighten vagina or not after various examinations carried out on her.

  21. Nisa

    Well…on this, they don’t need the vaginal tightening stuff per say cus after childbirth, it gets sewn back to d normal proportion right there after delivery.

    Besides, girls who do this re mostly those who might av enlarged their vaginal due to their wild sexual fantasies or partners. Now, while these vaginal tightening stuff may work, its nt advisable cus it can come with a host of side effects and complications which includes
    Bleeding – depend on the kind of vagina rejunation done as labiaplasty vaginoplasties are internal and therefore unnoticeable.
    And even *cancer*

  22. racheal

    Although the main cause of using all this products is to satisfy just the same way men also uses penis enlargement cream all oil but I must say they causes more harm than good the vagina should be left alone it is self cleaning and the muscle return back to it normal shape after intercourse. the use of the vagina tightening or soap will only kill the lactobacillus that protects the vagina here making the individual prone to infections and it will also dry out the vagina making intercourse painful same thing goes for the bleaching cream all is just to satisfy men but God gave us the best skin cause we have more melanin pigment which makes us less prone to skin cancer than the whites but what happens when it is filtered by chemicals it damages the skin although most people buy all this creams without checking them or the content I will urge us to check our creams and inform pple about this too
    To get creams with more natural ingredients 👧👧

  23. Okwute

    Ah .. this is a really strong topic.
    Vagina tightening and Skin Bleaching both involve altering the body in relatively drastic ways.
    First off, I’d say anyone reading this should know that your body need not be changed all in the name of pleasing some people. You really need to learn self love. You might not have the fairest skin or the tightest vagina, and be surrounded by people who demand it. If you give in to those demands forcing change on your body, it comes with a lot of serious side effects because it goes against the body’s naturalness.

    Skin consists of Melanocytes (if I remember clearly) that produce melanin. The dark pigment that makes your skin dark and your iris dark too.
    They serve as protection from ultra violet light which explains why white people easily get sun burnt or skin cancer relative to black people. Bleaching your skin probably kills the cells and forces the pigments to change colour reducing the efficiency in ultra violet protection. I don’t think it’s a risk you want to take. To make matters worse, it also puts you at a bigger risk of cancer because it forcibly alters your body and can lead to unprecedented growth.
    Now regarding the second one. The vaginal tightening. People have to realize that the vaginal walls are muscles.
    There’s the stigma that makes it look like the more promiscuous one is, the looser her vagina is. That’s untrue sha. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble.
    Cuz that would mean pregnant ladies would carry gaping holes with flaps wherever they walk. It all eventually comes down. The muscle retracts and everything goes back to normal. The only thing a promiscuous woman has that’s different from an austere woman is a different pain threshold.
    Going back on topic, the vagina expands and contracts but every woman has a different size (diameter and depth) of vaginas. Same way men have different schlongs. I guess it’s not addressed often so most people never really think of it.
    Speaking of the “vagina tighteners”. Have you ever taken a drug that made your muscles swell. Like a drug that would make you buff?
    Your muscles need exercise to maintain shape nonetheless get buff. So I never really understood what was inside “vagina tighteners”… After all… Those walls are made of muscles.
    But Alas, all na business with fake promises. Fake products that only instill hope in the consumers.
    Getting a tighter vagina is not “beans” and it’s not exactly possible… Because if you were to do it, the change would be minimal. You could try kegels, squats and all those pelvic exercises… But I’m not sure it would become way tighter like a clamp. In all honesty, it won’t change much. Highest being that your active effort to tighten would be stronger.

    Anyhow sha… To sum it all up. Vagina tighteners are hoaxes (at least to my knowledge) and girls should really learn to love themselves.

    P.S. Just because you love yourself doesn’t give you entitlement to be loved by everyone else. People have their preferences and if you’re not among, take your L peacefully and look for where you’re needed. You cannot kill yourself just because you want to impress someone else.
    In addition, All these things…
    Dick enlargement oil, vagina tightener..

    Nothing works…. Nothing is medically prescribed, neither has it passed clinical trials.
    It’s all about creators taking advantage of the demands of desperate consumers.

    If you doubt this, go on ahead and just Google how they work.

    You won’t find a genuine one..
    Not to talk of finding the way it works.
    Some of you have watched too much porn ads and it’s showing😂😂

    Porn actors use their God given phallic members and camera angles. No kill yourself
    Here’s a link sha for the tightening clarification

    All…. Na scam

  24. Adadioramma

    Please is it safe for a lady to insert yoni pearls in her private part??
    They say it tightens the vagina too…🤷

  25. Steve

    Just to say it quite a misconception anyways to think that constant sexual intercourse (probably with multiple partner) will alter the elasticity of the vagina. What has been proven is a change in the epithelia lining of the vaginal somewhat to a stratified squamous ethipelium to withstand the constant mechanical stress (friction) the vaginal is subjected to during regular intercourse.
    Sure multiple birth and old age will widen the size of the vagina.
    If the practice is safe would boil down to the chemistry of what ever compound is applied on the walls of the viginal.

    Jst to add, lots of person have been fooled by the concept of “organic product” of late. The chemistry as well as proportion of these products are most times not spelled out by the producers thus users are risking their health generally.

    Also worthy of being mention is the fact that the normal acidic pH of the vaginal needed to maintain the needed Flora may also be altered in the long run when such products are applied and of the sequel infection users may be predisposed. Cancer in the long run may not be questionable.
    My advise….the usage of whatever gel for vigina tighning by ladies should be subjected to their doctors advice but if possible avoid.

  26. Jane

    About the vagina tightening cream or gel. I’m not here to criticize anybody for using it. People have reasons for doing such . But I feel there’s nothing like vagina tightening cream or gel. It’s a cooked up story that social media made us believe. God created we humans in His own image and likeness.. Thus, we should learn to love ourselves and accept our body the way it is… Thank you.

  27. Rita M.

    Vaginal tightening creams could cause Irritation, Allergic reactions, and even lead to Bacterial vaginosis (BV) and yeast infection

    It causes hormone disruption and STD complications.
    In my opinion, there’s just no point because it’s a temporary solution to a permanent situation.

    Plus, in the presence of an STD, tightening creams might alleviate the symptoms, and it could be passed on to your partner if left untreated.

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