Make a career choice from amongst these professions

Want to ask a question about career.
Assuming you had the opportunity to choose a medical course amongst all other medical courses with the exception of MBBS, Which will u go for and why?
Putting into Consideration the fact that this is Nigeria.

Career choice

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  1. Dr.Tommy

    As for me I will choose dentistry because u can later obtain Medical certificate after the completion of your dental school

  2. mabel

    I am a nursing student
    I actually applied for medicine
    Aside that
    I would still go for nursing y because i think beyound nigeria
    Cause i hav come to discover , nigeria will always be dere, so y dont i choose what i love nd work out a plan , becoming the best
    Note even in nigeria there re good nursing slots, dy re just waiting to be convinced by you
    Note ask ir self , even doe nigeria was not a factor of consideration wat is ur dream, what is ur plan
    Even as a nurse i can get my MD
    Am not asking you to choose nursing,
    Go with what you re comfortable with and find joy

  3. Ace medipreneur

    Honestly, I don’t think it’s supposed to be a matter of what we think it’s best. Reason being, we’re all very different people. Most people study even medicine and still do not practice it. Check out Shiv Gaglani. Now depending on what you want, that’s what will determine what you choose. Do you want
    1) Job security and society reputation- medicine is the best pick. You might not be a billionaire but you’ll be comfortable in life.

    2) Do you want flexibility in career. Maybe you’re the kind of person that likes adventure – then physiotherapy is a good pick especially if you decide to travel abroad.

    3) Maybe you’ll like to own a business and a chain of pharmaceutical stores. Or you don’t like the sight of blood but would like to do research relating to health. – then pharmacy would be your pick.

    You get the gist right.
    It’s dependent on what you want. That should guide your choice.
    And if your preferable choice isn’t feasible, then pick the next one closest to it.

    Once you determine what you want, then work hard to be exceptional at your chosen field. Be so good at it that even your enemies promote your craft.

    Don’t let people determine what you do with your life. Make well informed calculated choices based on what you want from life.

  4. rad abdul

    Radiography all the way. Only very few knows about what radiography entails. It just handling simple and sophisticated machines to diagnose and treat patients using ionizing and non ionizing radiations. As far as Nigeria is concerned, radiographers are hot cakes.
    You can always establish ur diagnostic centres once u graduate. Radiographers mostly enjoy private practice than government hospitals or better still going abroad. They use to say no medical radiography graduate is jobless in Nigeria…….To graduate e no easy( studying and identifying shadow anatomy😁😁)

  5. Ridah

    I’ll tell u to go for nursing not because I’m a nursing student or med lab. Most Primary health centers are managed by nurses and health workers no doctor. When patients are brought in dwy are taken care of by nurses after lab test has been conducted

  6. Specialsammy

    It depends on your choice all courses are good

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