I have aspirations of becoming a Nurse

I guess this is the only Platform that can determine my fate. I am in dire need of help from all of you.
I am an Art student who finished from the department of Mass Communication at a certain Polytechnic in Northern Nigeria. I finished my National Youth Corp Service in the year 2017 but I have aspirations of becoming a Nurse.
I wish to rewrite my NECO or WAEC to enable study a science course but I don’t know if I can cope.
Please I need really serious advise before I make any of these steps.
My life depends on this Post.

I have aspirations of becoming a Nurse

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  1. Ozone

    Well It depends on how strong her motives towards her Choice are.
    No Goal is Impossible to Achieve some just Requires more dedication. From her words I think she is real, and Determined. I will urge her Stay Focused and Avoid Any form of derailment. She should stop being Skeptical and Take Action now. She needs to work on her Circles as well and commune with great minds. Prayer is also important cause with God Anything is Possible. Upon working towards all these, she will surely be Celebrated.

  2. Hid.Islam

    To me it’s possible she can do it.
    As far as you’re determined,you set your goals and targets,then nothing is impossible.
    She can engage in some extra lessons where she can learn the basics in physics and most especially biology and chem.
    Those basics like those parts including – *the cell* , elements, compound,the various Systems in the body- even if she wouldn’t memorize the contents of the body systems,it’s good she know how they’re classified so that the art of the human body -Anatomy won’t seem intimidating to her as she join the nursing program
    ∆ For the issue of taking examination,NECO or WAEC, I advise she take NECO,it’s more reliable to pass in this situation she is,since the chance for passing the courses in NECO is more

    Again,while learning the SCIENCES,I advise she use the past question papers of both WAEC and NECO and anyone she come across -to ease her study,make it less boring and enhance hitting the nail on the head.

    However,by outlining All the topics to be covered in the subjects, and making very good use of the Past Q’s ,she can cover a lot
    She will surely be a legend If it’s successful
    I pray it be.

    And she should not forget with the English and Mathematics too.
    Determination,putting away any set of distraction are some Factors that would be of help
    SEEK HELP FROM YOUR LORD BY PRAYING and SUBMITTING YOURSELF TO GOD -do what He enjoins us to and leave anything He doesn’t want
    Be a good ambassador of yourself to GOD.

    Thank you.

  3. akpososcar4

    You can be the nurse you want to be, but every professional course requires sacrifices, seriousness and determination.
    Many Of these medical students studying Medicine, dentistry, nursing, MLS and the rest, usually sacrifice alot. Like the saying ‘no pain no gain’
    There’s a great competition you will face when trying to study any professional medical course but your determination would decide if you will actually Study these courses or not. And don’t forget the GOD factor.

    You can do it with.

  4. ime7

    Well, I think it depends on your age, how much time you think you have left and how determined you are. Why exactly do you want to become a nurse?

    Well, I know 2 Medicine students in 200 level who are above the age of 20 presently. One of them I know has a degree in Agric or something like that (can’t recall). And I won’t lie, medicine can be stressful but there’s nothing worthwhile that isn’t stressful.
    Weigh the pros and con; if at the end of the day you decide to proceed, do it with all happiness and determination.
    I hope you have a degree from your previous University though so you’ll always have a backup and support system.
    Lastly, (just a personal opinion) I don’t think your decision should be based 100% on what people say. Let it be your decision so you can go on without regret.

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