Vampire or Human: The VBT 01 VIRUS

Vampire or Human: The VBT 01 VIRUS

Vampire or Human Part One.

“Hey! Health boy!”, I heard Stone called me rushing in breathing heavily.
“What?”, I asked standing up looking anxious.
“A girl fell down, she is bleeding”, Andrew said immediately he entered.
In a rush, I went out running towards the football field, I saw a girl crying sitting hopelessly on the floor as her right hand was bleeding a little. I dispersed all students and went for the first aid box. In less than a minute, I appeared, drew the girl closer and held her bleeding hand. My heart raced! Unconsciously, I became a statue and watched the girl bleeding. My nerves were so active and I felt a crazy urge.

I Was Salivating! My Mouth Was Watering!

“What the hell is this feelings again?”, I said within myself trying to control the mysterious urge- the urge to lick all the blood and suck her finger if possible.
“I will help you”, I heard someone said tapping me, it was the school health girl and I regained my consciousness. Without hesitation, I released the girl’s hand and in a rage, I ran out of the scene.

Thirty Minutes Ago…

I sat down on the bare floor of the basketball court uncomfortably looking tired. Throughout the break, I played basketball tirelessly and violently. Immediately, the bell was rung, everybody ran to their respective classes to avoid being punished, then, I threw myself down and sat on the floor with teary eyes. I was only nineteen. Many months ago, I started seeing some strange characteristics in me, they were so strange that I couldn’t explain to anyone, I told my mother about it, she was a doctor after all and she ignored me saying it was all hallucinations. From the start, I knew they weren’t hallucinations but I couldn’t give the situation a better meaning.


“Mom!”, I roared barging into her study room.
Immediately I regained my consciousness, I rushed to my class, picked my bag and ran home crying. I wanted explanation, nothing but explanation.
“You should knock”, she said calmly flipping a book.
“What is wrong with me?’, I shouted banging the table loudly and hardly with all the force I could gather and the book fell.
“Like what?”, she replied roaring in return, stood up and walked to me, “Like what exactly do you want to hear?”.

“What?”, I Uttered In Disbelief.

“Nothing is wrong with you!”, she shouted and held my hands walking closer to me.
I wiped her hands away in anger and frustration.
“Then cut your hands! Mom, cut your hands and watch me drink your blood!”, I replied her in tears.
“They are all hallucinations!”, she said again with teary eyes.
“Okay then, why don’t you hire men to fight me, I am very sure I will beat them all!”
“Bryant!”, she called shouting.
“Something is wrong, right? Why am I a monster? Why am I looking the same since months ago? Mom, why?”, I asked her numerous questions throwing a fit crying helplessly and breathing heavily.

She Slumped To The Floor Weeping.

“Mom, what is it? Why am I like this? Why? Tell me please, save me mum, this is crazy, I am scared!”, I begged slumping to the ground too.
“VBT-01 Virus”, she muttered looking down.
“What…..what is that?”, I asked stammering standing up.
“You have it, a virus with vampire like symptoms”, she said staggering and struggling to be on her feet.
I fell to the ground. Even though, I didn’t know the virus nor did I know the disease but I heard the vampire like symptoms clearly. I have watched it in movies and I knew what it means to be a vampire.

“You….Mean ….I…..I……Am …..A ……..Vampire ….”,

I stammered as tears rolled down my cheeks.
“No!”, she answered shaking her head vigorously, “You are human! Just like others, you aren’t like them, you are my son!”.
“Mom!”, I called angrily looking like a tiger ready to devour. I was tired of the lies- tired of her lies. “Are you sure?”, I asked calmly looking into her face.
“Ye……yes”, the question caught her unaware and she stammered.
“Mom”, I called her crawling to her.
“Yes dear”, I heard her faint reply amidst sobbing.
“I was about to treat a girl’s wound today, but I couldn’t, I was not able to do anything. I felt like drinking her blood! Like drinking all of it!”, I explained crying hardly as desperate as possible.


“Don’t call me, mum”, I warned pushing her a little away from me.
“Don’t come closer too”, I added quickly in tears.
“Bryant”, she called again taking few steps to the back.
“I watched it in movies sometimes and I hate those movies. Do you know why?”, I asked still calm.
She Shook Her Head.
“Because I hate the idea, I hate the fact that they live drinking blood, they are like monsters and aren’t expected in a notable society. So, why do I have to live like them?”, I asked finally crawling to her again.
She held my hands.
“Mom, why do I have to live like this? Answer me!”, I shouted wiping her hands away for the second time.

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“Bryant! You will survive because you’re not a Vampire”

“How did I become like this? What will happen to me? Who am I now? How will I survive this? Mom! How?”, I roared at her weeping profusely.
“You will survive because you are human!”, she shouted, walked to me and held me.
I fought to free myself but she held me down with all her force….
“You are human, Bryant, you are!”, she shouted looking straight into my face. I watched tears crawled down her face and my heart raced. She pulled me closer and hugged me…

…to be continued.

Vampire or Human: The VBT 01 VIRUS

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Writer: Bolarinwa Amirat Olawumi
Federal University Oye Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Bolarinwa Amirat Olawumi is a Pharmacy student at Federal University Oye Ekiti, Ekiti State. She is a passionate novelist, writer and poet who started writing at a very tender age with lots of successful publications. Her primary goal is to make the medical world a better one and is looking forward to making it comes true with her skillful pen and medical knowledge. To quench her thirst for knowledge, she likes asking questions and researching. She enjoys writing and unveiling new things.

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