“Laura, if you can become a Nurse, then you can as well become a Doctor. They are the same thing.” Dad said.

I had just tabled my wish to study Nursing in the university and that was what he had to say.

I know I had always been so indecisive on what to study in school, but becoming a medical doctor never crossed my mind.

My eyes fell at the realization that my father meant what he had just said.

“You would study medicine, you are brilliant enough” he said as he filled out my JAMB form.

“MEDICINE AND SURGERY” he wrote boldly.

I looked at mum and she sat there unsure of whether to support or oppose her husband’s designed fate for me.

I opened my mouth to say something , but words couldn’t find me.

Walking back to my room, I slumped on the bed and starred blankly in space.

I grabbed my phone and browsed through the internet to see what it was really all about.

“6 years and I would have to write just 4 exams” I said as my eyes widened in awe.

“That’s easier than I expected. I think I can pull this off” my secondary school mind told me.

Fast forward to when I wrote JAMB and got admitted into a university.

My parents’ joy knew no bounds, Dad especially. Being the first child of the family, I was at the same time going to study the ‘prestigious medicine and surgery’.

It’s clear that they saw it as a big feat and so did I.

They were so proud that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I say they told the entire neighborhood.

I remember standing beside Dad as he gave his testimony in church.

The congregation clapped their hands out and for the first time since the news of my admission, I felt very proud.

But little did my parents know that they were creating a large crowd with great expectations from me.

I finally got into Medical school only to find out that the medical chants,stereotypes and all wasn’t as easy as those outside made it seem.

I had just signed up for the main deal!!.

The textbooks were very bulky and so was the syllabus.

My cadaver experiences weren’t funny as I kept having zombies chase me in my dreams.

The lecturers became very tired of having to teach about 300 students in facilities made for only 100.

We had to do it all on our own, so 60% of my success was dependent on how well I studied.

Cliques of very brilliant students began to set in and so did inferiority for some students like me.

Medical school was like bringing the best high school students and keeping them together in a class.

It no longer became a game of brilliance, it became a game of perseverance, discipline, hardwork and smartness.

I’m currently preparing for my 2nd MBBS exams and the tension is high and real!

But every single time I feel like giving up, I don’t forget to look forward.

I keep looking forward to see what a medical future holds in store for me.

I look at the crowd of expectant people waiting to receive the good news of my graduation.

Those people who have already added the doctor tag to my name.

That’s the crowd that keeps me pushing.

I remember the smile mum and Dad had on their faces when I got admitted into school and I feel obligated to keep it on.

I’m enraged by the saving future which my imaginations have created

A saving future I might not be able to provide if I choose to fail now.

In all, the need to not disappoint ,the pride that comes alongside success, the need to bring a future I look up to and the now that I have ,all keep me pushing.

Writer: Uzoma Iheoma Genevieve
Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria


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  1. AKIG

    Wonderful and inspiring write up! It’s motivating! But hold on, did I just finished ready ur life story?

  2. Taofiqah

    Why do I find this relatable? Aside the fact that studying medicine is my choice.

  3. Chekwubechukwu

    A nice read. I like the idea that the writer stepped out of the box by ending it on a positive note. I was sincerely expecting to read that the lady dropped out of medical school and committed suicide.

    It’s really good a right message has been passed across. That the course was not your choir initially, doesn’t mean you can’t are that course.

    More ink to the writers pen. I salute you MedZone, you guys are doing well.

    1. Wasberry

      Drop out keh! Wicked guy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. David Imoh

    She just nailed it
    But I’ll like to be in an interview with you to tell you the experience I’m facing because Medicine was not my choice at the start

  5. lucynjoku

    Very inspiring and motivating. Just what I needed and when I needed it 😩

    Keep it up Genevieve!😍

  6. Ehmee

    I find this write up so relatable. That pressure you feel when you don’t want to fail the very people that wants you to succeed is just and sometimes is the only reason we keep pushing

  7. queenkesh

    I find this relatable,just that I’m a Nursing Student Instead….And when I’m just a step to giving up,I remember I have to do mama proud . The only thing that kept me going till date

  8. Simply_chelsea

    Reading Genevieve’s peice took me down Chimanda Adichie’s expressive lane. Her ability to suck you in and leave you broken at the end of the story. A feeling you are greatfull to have cause you know you had not just wasted your time.
    Genevieve’s story telling is compelling, she kept it short and precise. You can almost see her typing on her laptop with a bonnet and water bottle . There is connection. You can’t help but believe that she has been there. I can’t wait to read more.

  9. Senami

    Very inspiring, the promise of the future pushes us to give our best, expectations from a good and supportive home helps us cope with anxiety and fears.
    Very good

  10. vickie1619

    This is so wonderful. May God help us all

  11. oyindaprecious

    This is very much related to how my journey into the medical school began but now all I can say is may God see me through and not disappoint anyone

  12. Yewole

    Nice one, sometimes our parents understand much about our capabilities
    Nice one medzone

  13. Blisse_n

    This is wonderful and very inspiring. The expectations of those around you and what the future hold keeps us pushing.

  14. nazif ahmed

    “The pride that comes along with success”

    Sometimes I ask myself what this success people keep saying means, and if the price I have to pay is worth it. They talk about the pride that comes with medicine and I wonder if it is worth it.

    I relate with the entire story of having a parent choose medicine on my behalf,and I regret not listening to my desire and doing what I wanted to do.

    Sometimes I even wonder, was making me get the degree for my sake, or was it just for my mother’s sake. If the latter is true then what is for my sake

  15. Theresa

    Yeah, I can damn relate with this.
    Aside me also pushing through because of the expectations, I also have this deep confidence that God trusted me that I can do this (through Him of course), that’s why He brought me here in the first place. So I daily (or any time I remember) honor this honor and so we meuveπŸ˜„.

    Nice write up ✨✨✨✨

  16. momma

    Reading this story made me feel like I wrote it. I can relate every single thing in this story. Everyone wanted me to study Medicine even me I wanted to study Medicine but along the line I lost interest and that was the beginning of my trouble, I spoke with my mum and I thought she was reasoning with me not until it was time to fill jamb form and then my dad said Medicine and Surgery nothing more…

  17. itzdachiver

    Nice write up… but really this is my favorite part “Medical school was like bringing the best high school students and keeping them together in a class.

    It no longer became a game of brilliance, it became a game of perseverance, discipline, hardwork and smartness.”
    And it’s just the fact!!!

  18. Dumo

    Thanks for the story, you just inspired me to keep on holding on and persevering.

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