I can’t remember the number of times I tried to concentrate on my life and my life alone. Its not that I don’t want to, but I really do want to improve myself to the standards of people around me. However, not all of them motivate me. Some are even on my to-be-blocked list. How can I have people that are not helpful, People that do not improve me or motivate me in any way?
Although, I have some people around me I really look up to, people I really want to be like. People like Zulaikha, Salma and Rebecca who make the best out of their little time. Time spent with them is never a waste. They are the kind of people I want to be like. But no matter how much I try, something keeps drawing me back. It stands as the obstacle that hinders my progress. It keeps drawing me back, not only from things I have achieved, but also from things I really hope to achieve. One thing I have always hoped to achieve is my dream to heal people. Yes! I have a dream to be Gods vessel of healing, not only physically, but also morally and psychologically. To give hope to the hopeless, even through my words.
However, things turned the opposite direction when I wrote my JAMB examination. I scored 230; a score that I could not gain me admission to study any of my dream courses, and of course, Nigeria does not care about your true skills or whatsoever. Your academic performance is always the major determinant when securing admission. After seeing my result, I felt really sad. It was not really because of the score, but because I knew deep down that I didn’t make a real effort, not even with an ounce of my ability. I just daydreamt about putting the effort without actually acting on it. I dreamt big, but I didn’t try my best to fulfill it.

I do understand that there is something out there holding u back, haunting your dreams and making you think nothing is going to work out. I can’t say I totally understand how you feel and how terrible the obstacles really are because I may have not gone through the same thing you went through. But I can boldly say I understand the feeling of regret for not trying. Regret Hurts, as though a sharp knife keeps stabbing your emotions, simultaneously asking you why you did not try. Especially when you see someone achieve the same goal, you wanted to achieve. Take a step forward, there is something great out there waiting for you to establish because u own it but if you do not try to work towards it, it won’t come. Just the feeling of ‘yes I tried my best’ is worth it.
When I say the feeling of trying is worth it, I know what I am saying because I know what it feels like. It is a feeling of fulfillment. Some things may have not come because it was not to be but I know that at least I tried. You know that instance when you feel like if you die today, tomorrow or maybe years to come you wouldnt feel a thing of regret because yes, you TRIED. Yes, thats it.

Do you know what I feel about TRYING?
I feel TRYING is a key factor for CHANGE. Some people will say a little push is what it takes to change from bad to good, or vice-versa, but I will say the aforementioned stays under β€œTRY”. Trying is the key factor of change, from good to bad or vice-versa. Try to be at your best even during the worst of times. TRYING is the key because it will keep driving you until you get to your destination.
After my 230 saga, I decided to TRY being my best. I wrote another JAMB and this time, I scored 280. My happiness was not just in the score, but it proved to me that trying was worth it. In the end, those sleepless nights reading and dipping my leg inside a bowl half filled with water so to wade away sleep was worth it. I was not easy but it was definitely worth it.
At this point, I know I tried and whether I get those courses that can make my dream come true or not, I will not ever have a feeling of regret. Simply because I tried, and its impact was obvious because from 230 to 280 is no joke. It might not be a big deal to some people because they score more than that. Nevertheless, it is a big deal for me because it makes me feel improved.
So I charge you toady to STAND UP, take a step forward, although u might trip and fall but then TRY again and this time with full force. Grab your goal and achieve it, and I promise you that you will be fulfilled.
Written by Yusuf Halimat Olamidea, University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

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  1. imam

    This is indeed an eye opening story and very detailed mind building experience
    I advice you to keep the good work moving

    Bless Up Sis!

  2. Nutella

    To be blocked listπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Korede

    You did really great sis. I am super proud of you. Your story piece is a great inspiration and I believe so well in you. The world will be healed by you. Keep putting in all of your best.


    1. haleemah

      Thank so much…I promise to make you proud.

  4. Thankz

    Wonderful piece,
    And as Zuckerberg says “you have to get started”

    1. haleemah

      Thank you
      Ant that is exactly what it takes”to get started”

  5. Gbemisola

    Nice piece.
    It’s actually motivating.

    The to be blocked list got me though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. haleemah

      Thank you and yes you must have people like that in ur life….those that are just there

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