Nurses must learn about empathy or be stripped of their license

The nurses in teaching hospital should be banned
Stripped of their license

Infact nurses in Nigeria should be banned… They should go learn human empathy!

Especially those working at the kids ward!
They be acting like they own the kids lives🙄
I’m pained. They’re so rude
I just want to tell you because it’s paining me.
Please tell the upcoming nurses in the Med-zoneTV Community that they should learn empathy before working with kids; be gentle with speech; be patient to teach and direct.

I'm pained, Nurses need to learn empathy

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  1. AbkJada

    I witnessed a scenario where a nurse that slapped a kid cos he refused to stand still for injection

    1. Aderonke_nurse

      Is the person you claim to be a nurse actually a nurse… I can bet it a Nurse will never raise a hand on his/her client. Please be sure. Auxiliaries are not nurses

  2. Aderinsola

    They really need to learn empathy
    There was a time I was along the corridor of a children’s ward, a child was crying and the next thing the nurse did was to beat him
    It was an older nurse that told her to be gentle with the kid,that he might be feeling discomfort in his body because he just took an injection

    Those young nurses especially, needs to learn empathy😒

    1. Chioma_Sama

      It’s not just empathy. Someone without empathy can at least be strictly professional with their charges, instead of being aggressive with them

  3. TOye

    These are the ripple effects of an entirely failed system, and symptoms of poor stress management skills … A failed system, In that it’s probably how they saw their predecessors handle similar issues… I really feel it would help if stress management courses are made compulsory . It would really go a long way, let’s not even talk about the countless deaths Nationwide that are just as a result of poor diagnosis due to stress that has mutated into frustration and misplaced aggression.

  4. Toluwalope

    I don’t think there’s anything like learning empathy and why should nurses be banned??
    Can the doctors be banned also please?
    Can the doctors do it alone or can they do or tolerate what the nurses do

    It should be known by now that any nurse that does such kind of a thing or mistreat their patients is a quack nurse(auxiliary nurses)
    Never will a nurse that knows the importance of his/her job or a nurse that spent years of learning in school or in an appropriate way treat a patient that way either young or old.

    You leave an hospital were professional nurses are being employed to an hospital were they are trained in minimum of three years and you expect them not to nag on their clients when they’re been treated like slaves

    Quack nurses(auxiliary nurse)should be banned and not nurses in Nigeria should be banned please

    Those spending years in school of nursing or universities aren’t fools and you shouldn’t make them feel less important

    1. Pharm Lumiere

      I agree that nurses should not be “banned”. But you shouldn’t also say that “auxiliary nurses should be banned”. Empathy is a human characteristic and different people show theirs in varying ways. A trained nurse can still not be empathetic enough, just as you can come across an empathetic auxiliary nurse.

      Ask me what we should do, I have no idea 😂😂

    2. Awesome_Justino

      My comment was in reply to this rubbish dat u are spewing out like an uneducated or frustrated person.

      If u have issues with Auxiliary nurses take it up with them and don’t come here and attack Dem recklessly with no sound proof and anl biased myopic point of view…….. Mtcheew

      1. ummzyva

        I really don’t understand how we can have people in support of auxillary nurses in a medical organization such as this, I expect people to know better.
        Auxiliary nurses in Nigeria translates to quack nurses. Imposters.
        They are not regulated by any body, and they are bleeding nursing profession in Nigeria.

        There was no need to bring them up in this conversation, I agree with that, as the setting painted in the post was in a teaching hospital, you can’t get quacks there, but apparently you can get terrible professionals.

        But that also doesn’t mean y’all should be jumping in their defense.
        The concept of auxiliary nurses is not a terrible one, in the developed world, they have Certified Registered Nurses Assistants (CRNA). They have set responsibilities ad boundaries, they have licenses and are regulated.
        You see the auxiliaries in Nigeria they don’t have boundries and are not regulated. So they can do as they like. You have individuals from with various level of education (ranging from middle school cert, to high school cert to a diploma in one course or the other) go to seedy back water private hospitals or Chemist stores to learn auxiliary nursing, throw in a few specialities too.

        And they come out into the labor market to compete as a with people who actually went to school (Colleges of Nursing,Uni) to study nursing.

        And they’ll be employed of course, because they are cheap labor and can do anything and everything (their roles are not defined anyways). And they wreck havoc and everyone blames nurses.

        If you don’t see a problem in this picture, then I don’t know…

        1. Toluwalope

          Thank you for this
          @awesome_justino maybe you should also go through this

      2. Toluwalope

        I knew your comment was in response to what I said but I’m sensible enough not to reply and since you still came back to reply under my comment then I have to…… I really don’t understand why you’re this pained and it’s making me believe you’re one of them or you have a closer person who is one of them
        I have no issues with any auxiliary nurses and I won’t because that is their source of income and that is where they eat but the question is “is that the right way”
        I’m a nursing student and I have friends that was trained as an auxiliary nurse
        But I see how much they nag and treat their patients like animals and doctors treating them like slaves.
        I repeat “Auxiliary nurses should be banned “
        Lets call a spade a spade please
        There was a time the government was closing down hospitals with auxiliary nurses and I lose count of those that gained admission into school of nursing and universities because their eyes was opened to a lot of new things they don’t know about
        Most of this people believes what they’re going to be trained in the minimum of 3yrs is the same thing they will be thought in school for 5yrs
        I’m not saying a professional nurse can’t be rude and I never said that in my previous comment because I don’t understand why you’re attacking me back but the bad auxiliary nurses have spoilt the names of the good/professional nurses
        I’m not spewing out rubbish,I’m not a fool,I’m not an uneducated person,as well as I’m not a frustrated person as you’ve said but Guy I stand on what I’ve said because I know what I’m saying
        If you cannot help them of becoming a better person and doing things the right way it should then you need to shut up and never reply to whatsoever I’ve said

    3. Toluwalope

      I have a nurse(auxiliary) that still treat me till date whenever I’m home from school
      This woman is so caring to the the extent that I was forced to tell her I wanted to train under her as an auxiliary nurse because she also has a clinic in her house where she treats her patients but this woman called me aside and said no she won’t be selfish enough to advise me to
      She advised on a lot of things concerning being a trained nurse, is it the bully from doctors we want to talk about,is it the way of doctors comparing and disgracing them in front of the professional nurses they just employed or the professional nurses sending the auxiliary nurses to go get food for them
      Why do they need to continue being treated as slaves when they can put an end to it theirselves
      Putting a stop to auxiliary or banning them will make them know there a better ways of becoming a nurse.
      Let’s not be selfish please
      If you have them around you, it is a thing you can motivate them of being a better person in the future and not supporting them

  5. Emma

    Not just kids alone.
    Yes we know the country isn’t favourable in terms of working hours and shifts but they were aware of this before they went into the career or along the line. They need to learn empathy.

  6. Okwute

    Abroad, they do a subject called Communication Skills in Medicine (or something similarly named) which involves the physician’s receptions to their patient’s issues and how to keep their emotions in check.

    At first, I didn’t really see the use, but there is an obvious difference in how Nigerian physician’s
    (not just just nurses sef, the whole squad) and western physicians.

    It is understandable that they get a lot of issues in a day and can be stressed but someone with an ailment is only acting according to the discrepancy he’s experiencing; so health professionals cannot afford to compound on the issue by being harsh to them.

    I feel the reason why nurses are mostly seen as wicked is because they are usually the closest to the population on menial ailments. The Doctors and surgeons would usually only be met with more compounding problems.

  7. Francesca

    Nurses are meant to be patient and have love as a major role
    The fact that majority of the nurses don’t have certain attribute should not make it generalized to everyone
    The hospital management should be on a watch out to faulty nurses and should be disciplined as such
    Doctors aren’t left out either as we have proud doctors due to their years of study and prove of being learned loose the focus of Saving lives and display pride

    Majority of nurses today are mean and rude doesn’t mean they should all be disbarged
    The culprit when caught should be used as an example to others and things will begin to change

  8. Dr.Fae2103

    Honestly, Because I don’t understand..

    Why choose a profession when you can’t be Hospitable, caring and Friendly??
    They bark at you at Dogs.
    I always get the best care when I’m sick cause my mom works at the hospital.. Because if I don’t even get enough care my mummy will give that person trouble..
    But when I see how poorly nurses other treat patients I weep… Especially those nurses in Public hospitals..

    No care at all.
    Yeah I get it Profession can be so Tiring but then it’s a career you have chosen and you’d have to stick to that
    Majority of them are there cause of the pay.. and because of the prestige they would get.

    1. Elektrolait

      I didn’t stress in nursing school to be likened to a dog. You can do better than this pls

  9. N. Honiee

    Point of Correction, the representation of nurses that most people have is that of quack nurses, professional nurses will never lack empathy, because they are well trained, and they know the procedures to these things. But you see all these quacks aka auxiliary nurses that said they “learnt” nursing they are the ones being protrayed here and the ones they should ban

  10. Yvonne

    Good evening sir/ma

    I have never given a comment on this platform but today, I feel the strong urge to do that.

    See, we were all humans first before we chose our professions. And as humans, we all have different personalities and upbringing, doctors, nurses, medical laboratory scientists, lawyers, cleaners and so on, all have different personalities. I agree that sometimes, people’s ugly personalities come in the way of their work and that would definitely create bad impressions among the people at the receiving end.

  11. Yvonne

    I have seen many doctors that were rude and harsh on their patients, I have seen many that worked as though, they lack empathy and many more negative things but you don’t see people dragging the profession in the mud.

    It is quite unfortunate that our predecessors, with bad personalities have put a dent on the professional image of the Nurses and if you track the history, this began with the quacks. It is more unfortunate that we still have nurses(and other health care providers) with bad personalities. But even at that, nobody has the right(not even the slightest) to say that all nurses in Nigeria should be stripped of their licenses.

    I worked very hard for it and I’m still working very very hard to maintain it, I perform efficiently and effectively at my workplace (and even outside the hospital) and I work with passion and empathy, so you can’t say I should be stripped of my license because you had bad experiences with some nurses.

    I’m a registered practicing nurse and I’m proud to be one.

    Thank you 😁

  12. 12345678

    I’ll only say that these people should try half of what these people are doing and see if they are any better…. I’m not and will never support a nurse being wicked or rude ooo because I personally do say it that if I ever want to deliver and any stupid nurse spank me or yell at me…. LMAO she’ll smell pepper, and yes I’m a nurse and I’m very proud of it…. But you see these mungos opening mouth waaa and spurting out trash wiiii…. I’ll say they should be in a situation where they’ll be the only nurse on duty in a ward with 15 patients on a night shift where the stupid doctor on call will not be anywhere to be found and still see if their so called good stress management skills will still be displayed….. Poor stress management kill them there…. Yen yen yen yen yen yen

    Some nurses are rude, yes! And most of them I must tell you, it’s their personality they’re just hiding under the banner of nurses are meant to be mean…. What do you say about rude and nonchalant doctors…. Or doctors are just angels that do their work without transferring aggression 😏? Lol again…. I say and I stress Doctors are the ones that harasses patients the most….. Qoute me anywhere

    1. Mimi Nma

      Is the comment for me 😚… nailed it ma ❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Elektrolait

    Not all nurses lack empathy pls, I have met nurses that are not harsh, that are gentle. I think its just the ones the writer have met. You have to also look at it at the nurse’s side, some patient can be frustrating. Some patient and relatives can frustrate nurses.We just have to wipe out the old school of thought that nurses are wicked. We just have to be the change nursing profession needs.Nursing is evn stressful. some patient and relatives evn look down on nurses.They are not the doctor right?Then they claim nurses are harsh and wicked. Nurses man the ward, how can the writer say nurses should be banned, even doctors don’t stay with the patient in the ward, its the nurses! Nurses face a lot in the hospital everyday. We just can’t do without nurses.
    Assuming nurses are working in a system that works, will this still be the case? nurses are faced with a lot of external factors and stressors. Imagine a nurse looking after 15- 20 patient in a ward. Just a nurse! She has to borrow equipment from other wards, that stress lasan. most times equipment are faulty. She can’t even deliver a high quality care like she wishes. She ends up being named harsh, wicked. Please we can do better. Nurses are human too.

    1. Adadioramma

      How are patients frustrating when they undergo numerous changes in their body?
      Na person wey wear shoe… know where e de pain am.

  14. Mimi Nma

    This person is just being judgemental here…. Dose it means all d nurses all over don’t have empathy?????… U can’t just generalize something all because one person did that…. During my stay at d hospital when I did appendicitis.. D nurses dere were so kind hearted and dere was one I loved so much why.. Because of her patience towards a little boy…. So whosoever said this should be calming down biko😂

    Most nurses who lacks empathy is as a result of d kind of person they are, some as a result of unpaid or delayed salary esp in the Federal Hospitals being frustrated and den extend the anger to the patients
    Please this shouldn’t be generalized dey are still nice and Sympathetic nurses out dey… Nurses can’t be banned.
    You complain of nurses Lmao some doctors are rude too..

  15. Chioma_Sama

    Honestly instead of being banned, what of being tested. Not all nurses are like that you know
    This is turning into an attack on nurses, that’s not cool

  16. Thelma

    Truly nurses need to learn about empathy,it should be part of them.
    I visited my mom in the hospital when she was sick,can you imagine that a patient will be in need of something and the nurses will be gisting, that is very annoying.
    Empathy is one of the qualities a nurse must posses.


    This is very wrong and ill-mannered to say “the nurses in teaching hospital should be banned Stripped of their license” think twice dear it makes you look unprofessional and also to believe that, same spirit of lack of empathy (apathy) is present in you. We thank God, that you are not God.
    You can’t just judge a world with a single species. Meanwhile it is a general problem in the healthcare sector.
    Next time, be specific not generalizing thing easily.
    No body is a saint in the health sector. It can be trigger by the reaction of the patients or relatives.
    It is our collective responsibility to rebuke unprofessional attitude in all areas.
    Don’t be surprised that I didn’t emphasized on empathy more, it is because he or she has made a personal judgement for himself or herself alone.


    1. Adadioramma

      If being ill-mannered is saying my mind…then I am ill-mannered
      And I’m an empath….if being pained about the lifeless body or a 1 yr old while the nurses who bark orders and gossip about tomatoes and onions makes me rude and unprofessional…then so be it.

  18. Bankos

    One thing I have just noticed is that nurses like to, unnecessarily, compare themselves to doctors.
    The topic at hand is for nurses to be more empathetic, you don’t need to start doing a cross regulation of who has the worst relational skills.
    The main point is to be more EMPATHETIC. Thank you.

    1. Adadioramma

      You deserve the best in life…thank you

  19. ummzyva

    I’m sorry you or your ward had a sore experience with a nurse. I understand you are aggrieved at your treatment, and you should be. But, you can’t just decide because of your poor encounter with some nurses, the whole of a professsion should be banned, and everyone striped of their license, something they labored for, that is very selfish of you and quite short sighted. It suggests that if you were in the nurses shoes, you might have acted like her or even worse.Did it occur to you that, that suggestion if put to use (not that it can) will cripple the whole health care sector, literally, and the effect will be immediate.
    You are half right in your assessment though. Some nurses can be mean and insensitive, and it’s daunting, since they should be the opposite, they are at every stage/step of a patient’s care and it’ll be traumatic for a patient to be in the care of a cantankerous nurse, especially for a child.
    It’ll be better if the hospital administration employs and assign paediatric nurses only to paediatric units. There are a lot of specialties in nursing and nurses should be assigned to work in their specific units. This may help reduce the frustration, lack of job satisfaction and the consequent transfer of aggression on the patient.
    We should all learn patience too, including the patients.

    She may have had a horrible day, and you may have been less than patient or she may simply be a mean person, anyways, her behavior cannot be excused

    Once again I’m sorry about your less than palatable experience, I hope you never go through that again.

    1. Catalyst

      We are all human beings, and I want us to know that someone who is a physiological and psychological balance cannot come to the hospital. And the type of the case or the imbalance in the body system will determine how the phobic patient will be.

      Be a pediatric nurse or any specialist nurse, the part of qualities of good nurse is to be Tolerant, sympathetic and an interrelation manner. We call a phenomenum, Patient-Nusre Interrelation (PNI). Let’s try to be building a human’s feeling.

      Assuming you, or I fall to the condition of being patient, how will you or I feel. Especially people with a PTSD, they may think there’s no hope for them, and this may trigger their suicidal thinking.

      Using cyesis woman as example, especially one with Hyperemesis Gravidum, are you telling us that everything she’ll be doing is out of her right sense? No, because that condition might have changed everything about her.

      If Veterinarians can tame wild animals and domestic them, till what level of frustration should we lose our soul? Or we’ve forgotten the Oath we took? Haha! Please let’s try to be having empathy for our patients.

      1. ummzyva

        I agree entirely with your take. It’s a brilliant one, Nurses must be empathetic, the need for that cannot be over emphasized, I alluded to that in my second paragraph when I said

        ”Some nurses can be mean and insensitive, and it’s daunting, since they should be the opposite, they are at every stage/step of a patient’s care and it’ll be traumatic for a patient to be in the care of a cantankerous nurse, especially for a child.”

        One of the first things I learnt in Nursing school and something that the lecturers kept emphasizing on was empathy and it’s importance over sympathy. The whole point of nursing is Care and once you’ve failed in that. Then you’ve failed as a nurse.

        The reason why I suggested putting specialist in each unit, is because for each specialty in nursing, there are set skill sets and personality traits, that help them function well. A Med-Surg Nurse will not care for a child the was a paediatric nurse will, infact she cannot asses a child the was a pediatric nurse will.

        So I maintain that aside from the glaring need for some nurses to do better in caring for their patient, because that’s the whole point of being a nurse, specialists should be placed in their correct unit, especially sensitive areas, unless it’s for consultation (and that’s not even done in Nigeria).

        And I also maintain my stand we all need to learn patience. Patients included. If the nurse or health care provider is not patient with the patient, or other colleagues he/she won’t discharge his/her duties well. And if the patient is not patient, they won’t accept the correct care, assistance or instruction.

        If both parties are not patient with each other. The Patient-Nurse-Interrelation will fail.

        So yes patience is important. I know it’s a difficult quality to have in Nigeria, but it’s a virtue we should all strive to develop.
        Good morning

  20. osi Emmy

    The problem we have here in Nigeria is generalization
    When we a slight difference/mistakes
    Or let me say a wrong doing from few people from an organization
    Then we conclude that that’s what they all do
    We should learn to see the good side of things
    A nurse who clean up herself after a patient throw up on her without getting annoyed no one will see that
    A nurse who pay part of a patient bills no one will see that of course
    A nurse who visited a nursing mother after birth no one see that too
    But I do
    So when I want to talk about being rude or not showing empathy
    *Then it would be some nurses not all*

  21. Awesome_Justino

    This one is talking rubbish
    Because he’s talking trash………Lack of empathy or rudeness is not something u learn because u were an Auxiliary nurse ……….. If u are naturally rude den u are naturally rude
    Him Attacking Auxiliary nurses is rude, condescending and myopic of him
    I’ve walked into d best nd most professional govt hospital in Edo state, UBTH…….and I met a nurse dat couldn’t spell my name,let alone offer proper care, I’ve seen these same nurses being rude and treating patients like they are animals just because they couldn’t afford to pay for a bed space
    I’ve lost a friend just because UBTH do not accept mobile transfer so we had to look for a place to Withdraw money and all dis while dey couldn’t even cauterize my friends injuries or given him first aid, while we ran to get d deposit payment…………and we arrived there with a police report to avoid any delay in treatment and he bled out there on d reception and died…….. So no offence but that fool should shut his dumb mouth up and allow people with enuff intelligence and mental capacity to talk and share their important opinions on dis matter.
    We Ran to go withdraw money and we came back with d money to deposit only to hear dat he’s dead.
    So pls he should just shove his stupid opinion back where it can from……… I hate stupid pple

    1. ummzyva

      I’m sorry about you friend. That loss would have been painful. I hope you never have to experience that again. I can imagine how hopeless you must have felt and I pray you never go through that again
      You are angry and your anger is justified albeit a bit misplaced. Your friend suffered the result of faulty hospital policies and maybe poor administration. And you’ve placed the fault on nurses, which is unfair. They didn’t make these policies and they have to follow them whether they like it or not.

      They could be nicer about it though, no one should ever feel helpless or hopeless especially at the hands of his care giver.
      But let’s also refrain from blaming everything that goes wrong in the hospital on Nurses. Thank you.

      Sorry about your loss again, May God grant you succor

  22. Isabel

    Nurses I Nigeria don’t have empathy for real🤦🏼‍♀…. I’m 19 and still scared of injections or blood tests💔….in Nigeria they will be calling me agbaya and all sort of names … I’m just scared of needles ni, they frighten the hell out of me…. Omoo, the way they reassured me it won’t hurt me when I came here(UK) ehhn😂😂… I was marvelled, I was even eager to do the blood test😹

  23. Gracebusayomi

    I really get this person pain and it’s one of the reasons I want to study nursing to change things…. I can remember when I was much younger, it was the first time I became an asthma patient, the paediatric nurse was so rude to me because she felt I looked bigger than my age…lol 😑. I know must of this nurse’s actually wanted to study medicine but dem con give them nursing ,na the anger them dey put on us.
    I don’t know how you’d decide to study nursing and not have empathy…lol…that one na mad ment na

    1. faridah

      How will u choose nursing and still be rude
      Most people don’t know d meaning of the department they are
      They don’t know what their department request mentally, emotionally and logically from them

      That’s why we have career guidance and counseling centers in universities,but most students wouldn’t even visit for once hereby not finding it necessary,whereas it’s compulsory

      Even among my friends,I was d only one who stayed behind for d program on our matric day.
      I even told them about it after returning to hostel but they paid deaf ears and wouldn’t listen.
      Most people are in nursing department due to their grades and most importantly we are white angels,our uniforms and scrubs compliment us greatly not bcos they are mentally attached to the course.

      These uniforms are enough to aspire being a nurse without knowing what it really entails

  24. horederbie

    It not just nurses
    Some doctors to are not nice at all
    I remember late last year when my friend was sick
    We use self medication and after 3days it didn’t improve we decided to go to the hospital and as a student we could only afford general hospital so we went to randle general hospital at surulere lagos it took like 2hours before we were attended too and after been attended too the doc was like lemme see the drugs you have been using we gave her and the next thing she said was you already know what to use continue medication and come back tomorrow
    She was very weak i literally carried her there and it was so obvious that she was weak
    So it not just nurses the Nigeria health sector itself is sick
    Even the guy at the medical records was like i should give him her WhatsApp number someone that was sick
    When i refuse he didn’t answer me until i gave him the number.
    The only place you get good health care and service is at a private hospital
    And you would be shocked when you see the same doctor that is acting like a monster at the general hospital been the nicest at a private hospital.
    It just so sad.

  25. francis

    Lol.. I thank the person that brought up this discussion but I am happily sorry to tell you that nurses can’t be banned😅. There is no healthcare without nurses. Attitude of nurses these days are questionable due to the surge in nursing impersonation (auxiliary). Until this impersonation stops, I don’t think the rudeness tag given to nurses can change since these auxiliary nurses don’t even have license, they have nothing to lose. They weren’t formally trained to Care for patients. Meanwhile I plead with our medical doctors in the house that train auxiliary nurses not to join in this discussion since you are the main reason nursing I perceived this way. I just saw one auxiliary this evening carrying gallon to buy fuel. Chai. Is that a professional role?? She can’t relate because she is not a professional and her MD is hell bent I destroying the profession.. Stop quackery in nursing and all you will notice Is a few bad eggs that exist in all profession. Ndewonu.

  26. Oladunni

    Honestly, I’ve met really amazing nurses, both in this country and outside the country. And at the same time, I’ve been in contact with nurses that are totally unwelcoming, home and abroad. The narrative that has been given about nurses over the years, especially in Nigeria is “they lack empathy” one time, they were termed as “witches”. Only an illiterate is allowed to think that way though but it’s what the movie industry,writers and even the people have portrayed them to be,so we can say “they are playing their parts”
    My point, auxillary nurses, though some of them are good at what they do especially if it is passion oriented, they are not taught the proper ways of caring for patients. Not all nurses should handle children if at all we followed rules in Nigeria, you should be a pediatric nurse if you feel you would be amazing around children. Same way, teachers in Nigeria do not go for a formal training before they are assigned to “teach” some people are sadists in form of teachers and then you put the lives of young people in such a person’s hand, without proper assessment, that’s a danger to their future. You can’t overhaul the system in Nigeria,all we can do is strive to not be who the word thinks we are. Right now, you can’t tell an auxillary nurse anything about empathy and they’ll listen. But, if you’re a nursing student or an intending nursing student, if you’re in paramedics in fact, be intentional about your growth and see to it that you’re not just in for the money, that people’s lives are going to be in your hands, in your care and you’re going to give it your best shot, caring for people isn’t exactly easy, but it’s what we’ve signed up for. Apart from you deciding to study one Medical course or the other, God has put you I that position because he trusts you, and you wouldn’t want to disappoint God and break his trust because you’re “frustrated” we can do better. I pray you get strength to carry on, no matter the profession you’re in at the moment. Have a great day.

    1. ummzyva

      God will bless you.
      Thank you very much. This is my favorite comment by far😍. You are a gem you know that.
      Have a fulfilled day 😙

    2. Adadioramma

      Damn!…I love you for your comment

  27. Oladunni

    And to be clear, we’re all responsible for our actions and inactions, whether you’re a professional nurse or an auxiliary nurse, whether home or abroad. You can be an auxiliary nurse and change lives. They don’t teach empathy in schools, it is born from nature and nurture and how you channel it is totally up to you. And it starts with loving yourself and loving your job, I mean, you can’t care for people if you don’t know how to, it’s simple mathematics.
    Honestly, we can do better, let’s change the narrative.

    1. ummzyva

      If you ever pass by Ilorin. I think I owe you a bottle of chilled farm pride

  28. Aderonke_nurse

    Your personal encounter with a nurse or few nurses doesn’t not mean all are bad… Nursing is a prestigious health profession in which there prioritizing is been taught. We attend to client fighting for their life’s while others with less symptoms feels unattended to.
    Also, why do you neglect the good side of the nurses and point fingers at their little err, remember there will or have been days, each and every one will be at the point of death and a nurse will be there for you. Before you critize us or point fingers at us, think of the sacrifice we pay to be there for each client. Also try to be in our shoes first.
    Is not late for any of you to go back to Nursing school or obtain jamb to study nursing.

  29. Adadioramma

    Lol…. y’all blaming the auxiliary nurses as if you ain’t part of the problem
    When you noticed their faults…why didn’t you raise enough alarm to ban them?….lol
    You became cold, talking in whispers and here they are causing and wreaking havoc if your accusations about auxiliary nurses are true though…
    The day I’ll talk about doctors is coming… let’s digest this

    I’ve lost a friend to a nurse and now it’s my baby cousin that is on stake now…a child that took his parents 4 good years to get…lol
    But if out of ignorance something happens to him…. looooool…. I’d take this petition globally and y’all know that a whole lot of people have been wronged by nurses.

  30. SignificantK

    You can imagine how we are all united in this belief that nurses are not humane. This is likely a pointer to something wrong with either where nurses come from(School) or where they are(work place). It’s likely a problem deep rooted somewhere in the system. That notwithstanding, we should all learn to avoid transferring aggression it’s a general disease of human we’re just facing nurses today. PS.
    I met kind nurses for the first time in my life in a government hospital : FMC Ebutte metta Lagos and I almost told the tale to the world!

  31. Zainab97

    I’m pretty sure those supporting auxillary nurses are either auxiliary nurses or doctors that trains them, and to doctor that trains them, how do you like the sound of auxillary doctors? And to auxillary nurses, if it’s a must for you to join the clinical line, there are people called CHEW. You can just go for CHEW, then you don’t have to kneel down to collect certificate or use uniform to buy food for your masters, and you don’t have to collect list like a tailor apprentice.

  32. Adeshola 54

    So doctors are the ones training auxiliary nurses…no wonder we have so much quackery in the nursing profession…let them scrap auxiliary nurses and improve the training in nursing school

  33. racheal

    Y’all blaming nurses should we talk about how patients relatives too are mean to nurses, instead of blaming the bad governance and their country the aggression is always on nurses because they are the ones closer to the patients and their relatives, at fmc two month ago two nurses where beaten by relatives because they lost their mom due to the fact that hospital was short of oxygen one of the nurse had broken bone and the other one had mental problem due to the kicks they gave him. no one is talking about what they did of have done to nurses too oooo but all y’all are saying is they are mean they are this and that we are human ever one has different personality that cannot be changed have seen nice nurses in fact a lot calm and nice and have seen nurses that are hotter than pepper it’s personality period

  34. kolapo olajumoke

    Basically what I feel about this issue is that some Nigerian nurses lack empathy not all though.
    As nurses you should be nice to people especially kids.
    You don’t beat a kid because he or she is scared of injection it’s very wrong.
    Even I as a young adult I hate taking injections. Sometimes I don’t blame them because being a nurse in Nigeria isn’t easy in fact the system frustrates you but what’s unacceptable is transferring your aggression on a patient.
    And patients need to be nicer too and exercise patience with the nurses especially student nurses.
    Don’t treat them like trash or shout at them just because they’re not so perfect yet.
    That’s why they’re called students.

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