What are the 3 best medical TV series according to you and Why?

Medical TV series instills in you the thirst for more knowledge; it makes you realise what an inspiring line of profession you’re in and that you should make the best out of it; It stirs up the intention to learn more and helps you become familiar with new medical terms and words.

What are the 3 best medical TV series according to you and Why?

What are the 3 best medical TV series according to you and Why?

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  1. bloss

    Bones is a good series cause I remember reading about certain things and then watching the series and hearing them talk about the same stuff. It was exciting, it’s about a forensic anthropologist that works for the FBI. She analyses bones as evidence and gives leads to the agents to solve murders

  2. Nutella

    Can someone comment already🥺💔
    I will love to watch some

  3. Babs

    I’ve not watched many of them,but I can proudly say “The Good Doctor” and “House” have really nice stuff there.
    The depth of research that went into producing those series never ceases to amaze me,it is really fantastic and fabulous put together fantabulous.

    One more thing that interests me is the fact that some really uncommon diseases which require a “special” doctor/surgeon to diagnose,treat,manage were clearly painted in there,honesty the series are stuffyyy.Life outside the hospital was also pictured which makes them more gripping.

    I have watched “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Transplant” but not more than two episodes from them,so I can’t say much about them.


  4. Okafor K. Favour

    Grey’s anatomy is a nice medical series too

  5. ultrainstinct1

    According to the ones I have watch so far, Grey’s anatomy, The resident and Good doctor ( American and Korean version) are the best Medical TV series. They really worth spending your time on.
    – The Resident is one of the latest medical tv series about a group of young practising doctors who have to face the realities of modern-day medicine and issues as they learn the ropes with the help of a seasoned senior resident.( season 1 was aired in 2018- with the 4th season which will debut January 12, 2021.). As a medical student i recommend u watch this cos u are going to learn more facts and know-how starting from the ER down to the surgery theatre.

    -Greys Anatomy isn’t just a TV drama .The show’s title comes from a real medical textbook. I haven’t completed this series though because it’s really lengthy with 17 seasons.This break can be an opportunity for you to watch this medical TV series😂. Actually it’s about Surgical interns and their supervisors who embark on a medical journey where they become part of heart-wrenching stories and make life-changing decisions in order to become the finest doctors and surgeons.

    – Good Doctor – This has two versions, with the Korean drama being the first one. whether you are a K-drama lover or not, this drama really worth watching. It also features medical facts, scenarios and lots of surgeries scene. Actually it’s about An autistic savant who becomes a paediatrician and tries to prove himself in the face of conflict with patients and peers. A hot-headed surgeon dislikes him, while he develops an understanding with two other colleagues and become paediatric surgeon despite his disability.
    The American version of The Good Doctor is another medical drama television series based on the 2013 award-winning South Korean series of the same name.

  6. Hafiz

    The good doctor (American version) remains the best for me as for the Korean version it’s not that medical, that’s why Americans modernized it.in every episode, two complex medical cases are solved if you watch the complete series if even though season 4 is airing now you’ll think all complex Medical cases have been portrayed in the series you’ll learn alot actually.

  7. dammie

    For me,,”The Resident” is my favorite medical series any day anytime. Real life issues in the modern health care system. The politics, the corruption , everything was just so real and relatable. The whole medical sector is a lot of baggage especially working with other professionals in the hospital, discovering yourself and becoming the best of YOU…
    I strongly recommend it😊

  8. joeflames

    I’ve read the comments that have been made so far and I’ve come to a conclusion that most if not all the persons not mentioning Grey’s anatomy as the best simply haven’t watched it for up to 2 seasons. Though very long (16 seasons so far), Grey’s anatomy is second to none. This I declare with all form of prejudice and non-prejudice. Be patient, watch up to 5 seasons; I bet you wouldn’t stop watching it for another.

    Now, from the ones I’ve watched so far, I’ll rate them in d following order(doesn’t necessarily have to be same as yours):
    1. Grey’s anatomy
    2. The good doctor (American version)
    3. The good doctor (Korean version)
    4. The resident
    5. House of MD
    6. Chicago Med
    7. Code black

  9. Bethylizzy

    Grey’s anatomy and The residents. I can’t remember which one amongst the two that I watched and saw them performing surgery live

  10. Aisha 0906

    Emergency physician
    The surgeons

  11. Deolabliss

    The resident
    The good doctor
    Grey’s anatomy

  12. Beck davids

    All are medical korean series
    Doctors strangers
    Romantic doctors
    They are my three best

  13. Beck davids

    Me too

    I like medical korean dramas
    Doctors a medical korean movie is very interesting, it teaches that hard work pays better than talent

    There’s romantic doctor too, a medical korea drama, I like teacher kim there too
    The movie teaches that it doesn’t matter where you work, what matters is how many lives you can change and impact

    There’s doctors strangers too, a medical korean drama
    It teaches that it doesn’t matter the school you attend, you can attend a public school and still be better than a person that attended Harvard
    What matters is hard work, dedication, consistency and how much effort you put it

  14. Starr

    I’ve seen only Medical Korea dramas but they are amazing
    I like Doctor John, Teacher Kim 1 and Teacher Kim 2
    I actually learnt a new condition from one of the movies: Congenital Insensitivity to Pain Anihydrosis
    The movie made me understand the importance of Pain and made me even do more research on it
    I also saw CRPS, Fabry disease and others
    I also saw the life of doctors and how they manage to balance work and their relationship with others.
    The suspense in them especially when there are surgeries is thrilling
    I’ve been trying to get more of medical Korea drama, so if you know of more, pls share. Thanks

  15. ulna bursitis

    House MD,The Resident and Greys Anatomy are still my best medical series so far…In house MD,I love the way Gregory House thinks deeply with other doctors in his dept and their researches just to come up with a perfect medical condition that suits symptoms relating to several diseases..house MD made me realize that not a single dept in the medical world should be underestimated

  16. jumork

    Best doctor
    Good doctor
    Romantic doctor season 1 and 2
    Doctor stranger

  17. GLORY20

    The hospital ship is a very good Medical Korean movie…… Focused on surgery and public health care too and hospital scandal …. It is a very nice movie

  18. Mahmud Idris

    Talking about the best medical TV series, I will say Monday mornings(though not continued) is really nice and Grey’s anatomy too is one of the best though it’s long (season 1-16) and still counting but believe me if you have time to watch this movie you’ll never regret it especially if you are planning to become a surgeon in your future career, Others include;
    -The resident
    -House M.D
    -Chicago meds
    -The good doctor

  19. Ishaqdyara

    If I list the Korean series I watch men u nogo believe me.
    But most of dem na Health one’s.
    Start watching Korean series Fam.❤

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